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For those who are interested (And live in Atlanta) I was interviewed by WGST Radio a few weeks ago. excerpts from that interview will begin to air tomorrow morning at 7:20 AM EDT on 640 AM News Radio WGST

The Supreme Court Takes The Cowards Way Out:

Instead of ruling on the validity of the 9th circuit ruling abolishing the words “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance” the supremes have ruled that the father of this young lady did not have the right to file on her behalf. That is a bullshit riuling and it is WRONG! If a parent of a minor child does not have the right to to file a lawsuit on her behalf, then who does? The government?

This ruling means that in the 9th circuit you may not use the words “Under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school but every where else you may. As silly as the whole lawsuit is the 9th circuit ruled correctly on it. Those words were added to the Pledge years afetr it was written and they were added as a direct result of politicians trying to put “God” in the classroom.

Bullheaded Writes:

Hi Mike,

I am confused and I hope you help. I heard Tera’s comments on Howard Stern last week and something didn’t make sense. She claims to have made her first movie with Savannah the porn star. Obviousely Howard was thinking of Shannon Wilsey who killed herself in 1994, so I checked the IAFD where Tera started working in 1999 and she did not have any work with Savannah listed. Then I checked scene pairings of Tera with all performers using the name Savanna and there are still no listings. This would have been an early film for her so it should have been listed.

She also claims to be currently signed as a model by Wilhelmina Agency.

Does that sound credible to you or am I just being cynical?


Oh you aren’t being cynical, one of the reasons Digital Playground used to have to sit on Tera so hard is because of shit like that. Tera was never signed with Wilhemina or Ford or any other agency, she was never in Vogue, she isn’t anymore a nurse than she is a runway model either and obviously she couldn’t have worked with Savannah, It’s funny how she claimed she did a girl girl with Savannah yet also claims that Tera Tera Tera is her first girl girl. The girl is a liar, flat out. Everyone in porn has long known it but many incuding AVN just ignored the truth and let her and Evan live in the fantasy world that they have created. Course then again the Savannah she is referring to may be Savannah Samson the Vivid girl in Tera Tera Tera. Of course knowing Tera who knows……

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