What’s Up With TeraVision?

What’s with the deal they signed with Private? I thought Vivid was the exclusive distributor for Tera and Vivid has a Euro arm don’t they? Word on the street is that Tera’s titles have quickly fallen off after her first one because nobody wants to see her banging Evan. Did Vivid cut her too?

I’m Back…

Just needed to take a break for a while…stagnancy was setting in and we all know theres nothing like a good road trip to re-align ones perspective.

Mercedez No Longer A Vivid Girl?:

That’s the word I got…That she was cut from Vivid last week.

Stay Tuned

I got some HOT scoop coming this week about someone who richly deserves the exposure he is about to get.

16050cookie-checkWhat’s Up With TeraVision?

What’s Up With TeraVision?

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