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Well Ya Knew it Was Coming

One thing about Steven Hirsch, he can whore for publicity like nobody else.   Vanessa Stiviano had barely taken a breath from her accusations of racism and public release of private

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Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape

Ya never know if and when something is of interest in this biz and so far news of a Myla Sinanaj  sex tape coming from Vivid has gotten a rather

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Nobody Hurt in Vivid Fire

Nobody was hurt in the fire at Vivid last night. According to reports there was work being done on the roof and a “faulty blowtorch” started the fire that was

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Fire At Vivid?

No real details but I just got word that Ventura Blvd was closed for a bit today due to a fire at Vivid, anyone knows more email me. More as

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Snooki Nude photos

Apparently “Snooki” is the latest to have nude photos from her cell phone “leaked” to the internet. Queue Steven hirsch with a million dollar offer in….5…..4….3…

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