Farrah Abraham, James Deen & a Backdoor – Round 2

Well, isn’t this just fucking cute…

Vivid CEO, Steve Hirsch, announced today that the next installment of the Farrah Abraham & James Deen fuck fest will be released just in time for Valentine’s day! Love is in the air, my friends!!!!!

Farrah 2: Backdoor & More! will be released Thursday, February 13.

But, WAIT, this time the odd couple of Farrah Abraham and James Deen will be getting really freaky and adding in some fetish themes too!! Something about a fetish swing and hopefully a god damn ball-gag this time!!! Or, anything to force her mouth shut would be nice. I’m assuming the backdoor sex will continue through this one as well if Vivid left it in the title. Fetish swings, ball-gags and anal sex, Oh my!

As most people automatically do, I would love to just write this whole thing off as a Marketing/PR/Money scheme, but something seems off? Or, on? Or, something??

Yesterday, an interview came out featuring Farrah Abraham claiming that she was physically abused by her parents. This is not surprising in the least. Her own mother actually slapped the shit out of her on one of the “teen mom” episodes in front of the MTV cameras. So, the parental abuse allegations are pretty believable. The only problem with this revelation is that Farrah has pretty much left custody of her 4-year-old daughter with those same exact “physically abusive” parents. Yes, she is a true fucking idiot.

So, that revelation wasn’t all that shocking. But, her next tidbit of information was definitely shocking: She alleges that she was “drugged and raped more than once” during her “sex tape” promotional tour which included appearances to a number of strip clubs and porn conventions. Of course, there are no specifics given in regards to any of this… how convenient.

With that said, there is a tiny little part of me that wonders if Hirsch releasing the second video at this EXACT time is in direct response to Farrah’s recent rape allegations made to the media?

Yeah, I know. It’s all just a big marketing/PR scam to make some money. I don’t even know why I’m entertaining this ridiculous thought? But, stranger things have happened. I’m not sure if anything this ridiculously stupid has ever happened, but stranger things have happened. You know, like big foot, aliens and spaceships.


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You can see the Farrah 2 Backdoor and More Video as soon as it is released here

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Farrah Abraham, James Deen & a Backdoor – Round 2

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86 Responses

  1. Farrah Abrahamson’s story is probably just one of a hundred thousand stories about porn girls who had a troubled past. Obviously if your getting into porn as a female you know what your signing up for. Sure, agents and others trick these girls, but this girl I don’t believe.

    Farrah had a shitty past. Was probably abused. And she probably did “privates” where she took a bunch of drugs during her strip club tour and well did what all the other porn girls do to make a living.

    I think lacey makes a great point about how she claims her parents abused her, yet she allows her parents to take care of her kid? Wow. Someone here is lying and I don’t know whether it’s Farrah at this point her parents or a mixture of both.

    All i know is Teen Mom 2 is coming fast, too bad I would much rather watch a nice Riley Reid flick or Bonnie Rotten flick 10x over before I wanna see another boring ass Farrah Backdoor flick.

  2. Waiting for the next installment where she tries to get kid back on the premise that she never caught an STD.

    How sad that this chick is crying they hurt me when I was a kid as she sends her kid to the same environment. Hint…if yer gonna cry they were mean to me it gets more sympathy when you keep your kid away as proof vs criticism for setting your kid up for the same shit you are crying over.

  3. “With that said, there is a tiny little part of me that wonders if Hirsch releasing the second video at this EXACT time is in direct response to Farrah’s recent rape allegations made to the media?”

    This site seriously likes assuming the absolute worst in people in porn. Farrah has been in the tabloid news very frequently for months. This rape allegation story isn’t making more noise than really any of the other “stories” about her in the recent past. It’s exploitative, sure, as is every sex tape release. It exploits fame, but Farrah is in on it. They aren’t exploiting her or at least not without her wanting and taking the profits. A couple more point, EXACT time= a week away. Also, do you believe a bunch of new customers were made because they want to see the girl who claimed rape. I think the people who were going to buy this were already well aware of her. Not many new people just finding who she is, who also want to buy her porn. If you want to actually sound caring about people instead of throwing out these non-evidence having suspicions: talk about the silliness of putting her “rehab” on TV. You or anyone else wouldn’t even know about the claims if she wasn’t profiting of some Dr.Drew rehab show. Faux Celeb Rehab on TV is weird, the sex tape timing is maybe, but I mean come on.

  4. The blame on Hirsch is that he is in business with this unstable person. But, be clear in that critique, she is agreeing and profiting from that partnership. The whole “line it up with rape accusations” is just a bridge too far in the criticism department in my mind.

  5. @erik2690

    No one says the unstable drama queen isn’t getting something. Nor is there BLAME assigned to Hirsh beyond curiosity regarding the timing of his releasing his product.

    Let me see if I have this….this site likes assuming the absolute worst about people in porn….are you exempt or a figment of our imagination?

    Do you see purple Martians and UFO’s when you look at the night sky?

  6. What? I would say I’m in the minority on this site. I guess that’s what I meant. I actually agree that the critique wasn’t huge. But that one line of baseless wondering of just how sleazy it could be seemed silly. The idea of a porn tape by definition feeds off any sort of publicity of the star. I just thought connecting to one particular, maybe true story to make it look even sleazier was unnecessary.

  7. @Lacey….Are you fucking kidding me??!!!!…. how is this possible?…. Is this previous footage or are you saying they’re gonna fuck again???…. If so that is so crazy unbelievable to me considering how out of this world things went and how unhinged she is…WTF?…Did Deen just lose all his money in a bad investment or something???

  8. @erik2690

    So because you think OTHER people on this site assume the worst about people in porn…you assume the worst about them?

    Lol by definition a porn tape includes fucking…sales of that porn tape feed of participant publicity…exactly and the OP referenced numerous examples of this bat shit crazy publicity whore then wondered if Hirsh chose to capitalize on the timing of her efforts to release the tape.

    Where is the sleeze factor? Did anyone here initiate the tabloid stuff she contributed to? If anything she got a favor with the OP announcing the release of the tape.

    Except for your one line about this site assuming the worst….lol whose really wearing the negative ned glasses?

  9. I’m still reeling here in disbelief….I don’t know, call me crazy, but id like to think that JD would never go there again… no matter what someone offered to pay….for the sake of principle.. you know?….lol…I mean come on!…some things are bigger then money…and this is one of those things….She called you an “abusive”, “liar” “boyfriend” ….said you have a “Tiny Penis” and put on a whole fake “Maybe I’m pregnant” show for the media !…Do You Have No Pride???…..Geezzzz!!!

  10. Let me clarify:
    You know all those strip club promotional appearances? Many were at VIVID owned strip clubs. With Farrah all of a sudden starting the “I was drugged and raped more than once..” bullshit in an indirect way could be implying she was “drugged and raped” at one of Vivid’s clubs. Which are owned by Hirsch.

    All I was saying is that it seemed kind of weird that the day after Farrah talks about this, an announcement is made by Vivid with the release date… Was it in retribution? Was it a big fuck you? Was it capitalization for the most financial power?

    I don’t know? But, it seems rather strange.

    Especially considering the fact that just recently she stated numerous times that:
    “The sex tape ruined my entire life.”
    “I wish I had never done the tape. ”

    It just seems a little stupid for her to say those things, show up on a reality TV therapy show and then another sex tape is released all at the same time… something just doesn’t add up?

  11. @Lacey….don’t cha be ignoring me Lacey Blake …you’re my favorite person to be discussing this with… 🙂

  12. @laura b –
    I’m not ignoring you… hahaha.
    I have to actually sleep at some point, you know… 😉

    I’m pretty sure these scenes were shot at the same time as the original scenes… I’m not sure on that, but they talked about this shit during the marketing scam of the first one…

    There’s alot more to this story (or promo tour?). I haven’t figured out which one it is yet???

  13. This is footage that was filmed some time ago. There were reports about a fetish/S&M Farrah flick when Myla released her backdoor video on Vivid. For whatever reason, they’ve held it back for months.

  14. I agree to an extent, I just think the “not adding up” comes more from Farrah. She has proven with many comments to be either a habitual liar or disconnected from reality. It’s hard to know what if anything she says should be taken seriously. Obviously the sexual abuse should be criminally looked into.

  15. I for one think the Valentine’s Day release is perfect. Nothing says Be My Valentine quite like a ball gag. The real question to James Deen is: Did he get it at Jared’s?

  16. @lacey

    Tyvm for clarity … With her negative PR campaigns as in any press is good press I gave up trying to get four from two and two 🙂

  17. @BT

    Is it diamond encrusted? Ewwwww not even gonna write where that went 🙂 guess we’ll know once someone buys it and the pirated copies start making the rounds.

  18. @erik2690 –
    There is absolutely 100% no doubt in my mind that Farrah is a delusional, habitual liar psycho. But, you can’t take Vivid out of this whole thing as if Farrah is just doing this whole thing herself…

    Vivid/Hirsch are involved in this too. It’s not JUST Farrah/Deen in this game.

    I, personally, don’t buy the sexual abuse allegations. But, that’s just my opinion. I would think the sexual abuse allegations would have come out wayyy before this shit if they were true. You know, like maybe when they *actually* happened and not months later or some shit.

    Either way, those are some strong allegations. But, Farrah has proved she will do just about ANYTHING to get attention. And, I mean ANYTHING.

    I’ve been following this spectacle since the very beginning.. I know the history and details of this PR stunt. But, there’s something here that feels “off.” Like I said, I don’t know what it is or if I’m right? But, even the best PR campaign wouldn’t be this fucking retarded. It’s not even remotely making sense which isn’t necessarily surprising, but there’s *something* that seems off to me this time as opposed to the previous PR campaigns.. I don’t know exactly what? It’s just a feeling from someone who has followed this story…

    I think the “drugged and raped” allegations are throwing me off. I can’t see Vivid agreeing to a PR scam where Farrah is publicly saying “drugged and raped” allegations against the porn industry. Especially at porn conventions and strip clubs owned by Hirsch.

    I just can’t see Hirsch throwing the entire industry under the bus with “drug and rape” allegations in order to make some money. Obviously, this *could* happen. But, that’s a seriously low blow to the adult entertainment industry as a whole… I doubt they would EVER want mainstream allegations of someone being “drugged and raped” in the industry.

  19. @BT and Lacey….Thank you for the clarity … and you guys are right.. just some more original footage (sorry for the rant James Deen)… as for Lacey’s “off” feeling….I agree I don’t think the “Drugged and Raped” allegations in association with her post video appearances is a PR stunt….It may actually be the truth and that may be why you have such an “off” feeling…..there are so few truths where Farrah is concerned… I actually watched the last episode of Couples Therapy (season 4, episode 6) where her therapist said whatever Farrah told her off camera is the “worst thing she’s ever heard in a therapy sessions”…. and the whole reason it wasn’t on camera was due to the nature of the material in some way having to do with a “huge contract” she signed…. I think if anything it’s more coincidental that the video part two came out just after that session or, like I think you mentioned before, Hersch released planned video right away in order to take attention from anything she may be suggesting happened at those conventions and clubs….hard to tell

  20. I’m going to predict something, but I have NO idea if this will happen in any way???

    I’m wondering if Farrah telling the the therapist all of these “horrible things” that happened would be a reason to call the authorities in some way? She wouldn’t be “publicly” breaking her “contract” by discussing details, but if she tells a therapist in private then would that same therapist be required by law to contact the authorities thereby getting Farrah off the hook of breaking a “contract?”

    Therapists are under the same “patient confidentiality” procedures as other professions, BUT they are legally required to notify the authorities in certain cases… if they suspect someone is in danger of harming themselves or child abuse, etc.

    I really don’t know, but if she told a therapist under “patient confidentiality” that something severe happened, could the authorities get involved due to the therapists legal duty to protect her patient?

    It’s a long shot, but I don’t have a fucking clue why they would make this big fucking deal about “I’ll only talk to the therapist in private with no cameras around…” Why the big “show?” Just fucking do it already….. this therapist is such a fucking idiot. I can’t imagine her having many patients outside the TV world…. ?

    The simple fact is that anytime people start throwing around “drugged and raped” allegations you know something’s up… there’s no way Hirsch would agree to a PR move where Farrah would imply she was “drugged and raped” within the adult industry… as if the adult industry needs anymore bad press…

  21. Laura: For what its worth, Vivid released emails between it and Farrah before she filmed anything – meaning, before the original footage that was never supposed to see the light of day because it was an intimate, personal film. In the email from Farrah to Vivid, she describes how she wants the movie to include anal, domination (her dominating her male co-star), wearing a leather mask, etc. She even wrote in the email that describing what she wanted to do in the video was getting her hot.

    Obviously just speculation – I don’t know jack about this – but I’m speculating that Vivid has probably dealt with an actress or two who has had buyers remorse. So, they probably did one release – the notion that Hirsch would release this without a model release is not credible – filmed a bunch of scenes, and then only released enough to make one full length video so they could go back and release a second. That way, he pays one upfront fee to Farrah, one fee to the crew that filmed it, perhaps one fee to Mr. Dean (Mike or Brooke would know more about how these things work) and then gets two releases out of the deal. If most of Farrah’s money is on the back end – she’s getting royalties – well, she’ll still get royalties.

    Again, this is rank speculation on my part, but, if I was Steve Hirsch and I had a flighty 20-something telling me she wants to make a porno, I’d pay her an agreed upon fee, film everything she’d consent to film and then get as much mileage out of the releases as I could. That way, if she has buyer’s remorse its too late to renege on the deal.

    Hirsch has done way too many of these to risk a lawsuit by releasing footage he doesn’t own free and clear.

  22. @BT…..wow I didn’t know Hirsch had released previous emails… definitely stops the “exboyfriend sex tape” scheme…strange though cause I that he was part of that whole farce… talk about throwing your coconspirator under the bus…. the whole thing is so squirrely and lame … do you remember where you read those emails by chance?… and yes getting two vids for the price of one was very smart on Hirschs part and I agree that the release was most likely for all the footage.

  23. @BT….thank you….somehow I missed that….and this explains why she finally (sorta) came clean about the tape on Couples Therapy…She more or less implied that the fib was somehow contractual and she couldn’t talk about it legally along with some other things that apparently turn really dark.

  24. @Lacey…..yes I think that’s possible….I think Farrah may have gotten in way over her head in regards to that Vivid contract and maybe put herself in several dangerous situations while promoting the video…she may not have been sure as to what she was contractually obligated to do and when she could just cut out…At this point or at least at the time she was shooting CT I doesn’t think she knews what she can say or not…thus the private Therapy session….As for confidentiality with a therapist…I don’t believe a therapist can report a crime that’s happened, but if someone is in impending danger I think they’re obligated….I’m thinking about the Menendez Brother’s case and how the therapist involved somehow planned for someone else to listen in on his session with one of the brothers so that they could report it to authorities….but I can’t really remember the details…

  25. I can’t see Hirsch including a clause in the contract that she had to have sex with anyone she didn’t want to… no way.. which explains the “drugged and raped” allegations. Her way of showing the world what a victim she is to get more attention. The world loves a good victim, but nobody’s going to buy her shit.. If you allege “rape” and people around the world are like “shut the fuck up already” then that’s about as low as it gets.. most, including myself, take rape accusations extremely seriously and my initial reaction was ” what a fucking idiot. Can’t someone just shut her up already?” Not a good sign… hahaha.

  26. I’m no psychologist – and should probably have my driver’s license revoked for playing one on Mikesouth.com – but the first release struck me as Farrah’s attempt to become the next Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Get in great shape, release a sex tape but claim it was meant to be a private affair (I know I just squirted, had James Deen do me in the butt and swallowed cum like a pro, but I’m really not that kind of girl, really); stir up some controversy; and get a reality TV show.

    If anything, it backfired terribly on her. Now round two is coming out and its going to make her look worse in the public eye than round 1 because its weirder and kinkier (or so they say).

    And, unfortunately, she’ll now have to deal with the same thing that every wannabe Jenna Jameson has to deal with, which is that its out there forever. She originally said she made the tape so that years from now, she’d be able to look back at a time when she was hotter than blazes. Now, she’s going to be able to for years and years to come, along with any other schmuck who’s willing to pony up $39.99 to Vivid.

  27. @BT –
    Lol. $39.99? As ashamed as I am to say this, I don’t know 1 person who actually paid to see the first one…. I think someone emailed it to me the day after it came out..

    I can 100% assure you the video wasn’t made for her to watch it or show people when she’s fucking 60 years old. Hahaha…

    Plus, you have to remember that she tried to sell a “real” sex tape to VIVID of her and an ex-boyfriend and either the ex-boyfriend wouldn’t sign off on it or Vivid turned it down..

    Which is where Ferrara and then, ultimately, Deen entered the picture. They needed someone to fuck her… Plus, at the time the first video was released Farrah’s manager was an ex-pornstar who had worked in the industry.

    I don’t know what the original plan was, but it kinda worked and totally failed at the same time. It made money, but it diminished reputations as well.. It did get attention and there’s no doubt that was the main objective.. so, I guess it worked at the time? Now, not so much…
    There’s no such thing as bad attention… just ask Jenna Jameson. Haha.

  28. If Steve Hirsch wants to do a third video with Farrah Abraham I am game to be male talent for a negotiated fee and my expenses covered. I would require a full VD panel be done on her, however. I have wanted to tie her up, suspend her from the ceiling, whip her tits/ass and stick my dick in her mouth since she first became legal and famous (women can’t talk with dick in their mouths and she is sort of annoying whenever she speaks). I would just gag her for the requisite vaginal, anal and external ejaculation on her tits scenes. Besides, I am better looking than James Deen even on a bad day. 🙂

  29. @Lacey…..so true….the biggest cried wolf story ever!….and now no one will believe a word she says (except maybe that therapist) ….and that’s a shame not only for her, but for every woman that alleges rape ….. You mentioned in another comment that the video/ scheme was a win on one hand and a terrible fail on another…I could not agree more…a tragic fail as far as I’m concerned… no amount of money is worth having the whole world not believe you, separation from your child and to top it off being scolded by Charlie Sheen….. I think BT was right, the whole plan was for a Reality Show…Kim K and Paris H. style…let this be a cautionary tale and for Farrah I hope she continues to receive the much needed therapy after the “show” of it’s over…

  30. @Lacey….lol….you’re right…Ferrara is the only one that made the smart move here (Deen too for not lying), but obviously Ferrara knows there’s more to life then just money…..

  31. @Laura-
    Hahaha.. don’t be scared of mharris. He’s harmless (unless you don’t want him to be)… that’s how doms work.. 😉 I think he’s hilarious and quite sweet. Just take it as humor and not literal… he sometimes sounds like me when it’s “that time of the month” so I relate.
    Hahaaahah…. 😀

  32. @mharris

    Lol…love the inclusion of expenses..assume that includes travel/hotels and per diem for meals…real kicker is the full panel on her!

    Better looking than deen? Be careful you might start exciting the girls with this info added to your descriptive fantasy.

  33. @laura
    You mean like owning up to a attention seeking publicity who’re pretending about the circumstances around her willing participation in a sex tape and refusal to fuck this head case regardless of the fee offered?

  34. @lacey

    “The world loves a good victim” matched my gut reaction with respect to her “poor me” pr campaign. Will reserve final judgement until she does/doesn’t do promo tour for this video. Regardless of image rights assignment clauses in initial contract it would be unusual to include clauses to require promo tours for future footage use. No way a traumatized drugged raped victim is going to the same places/situations.

  35. @Lacey…..hmmmm…. I guess I’m not a big fan of that type of humor…especially if I detect a misogynist and not a Dom behind it….but I do know how humor can often times come off different when displayed in writing…. I know mine can forsure….so i’ll try to keep an open mind …. especially if he can prove better looking then JD somehow…hahaha

  36. @laura

    Deen fessed up and Ferrara didn’t fuck the head case 🙂 was agreeing with you lmao

  37. Hey, I always pay for content. As the spouse of a stunt worker who makes a living because of content, you should too! Enough scolding. I actually enjoy some of the “celebrity” scenes on Vivid. Not because I want to see Kim Kardashian naked but because they’re real people having sex, even if they’re trying to be porn stars. They fumble around like real people and it feels less contrived.

    Here’s the thing I don’t understand – it’s what I’m sure Farrah is dealing with since doing her vid and Tila Tequila is dealing with since doing the last one (lots of squirting, anal and an open mouth cum shot/swallowing).

    It’s pretty clear from the tapes that its not the first time either of those girls squirted (tell me if I’m wrong, but basically tinkled on their partners), did anal since they did it pretty easily, or swallowed. Yet, when they’re judged, they both try to walk it back.

    Farrah says I’m not a porn star – yeah, well, you kind of are. Tila gets all kinds of criticism and she says: Yeah, I was grossed out too.

    The people judging them I have to believe are other women and not guys.

  38. I’ll listen to your scolding and pay for content when Vivid/Farrah/Deen decide to stop taking advantage of the public and assuming they’re so fucking stupid that they would believe this stupid ass scam.. it’s rather insulting, tbh.

    You try to scam me, then I won’t feel sorry for watching for free. The world is a crazy place. I’m sure as hell not going to pay someone for insulting my intelligence.

  39. I really don’t know how to explain this in a rational way without offending at least someone, so I will apologize in advance.

    “Celebrities” refuse to take the “porn star” title for the same exact reason as “porn stars” refuse to take the “prostitute” title. They think it’s beneath them or that it damages their image.

    Sex tapes kinda make celebrities into porn stars.
    Having sex for money kinda makes porn stars into prostitutes.

    Neither celebrities nor porn stars will agree though… they come up with these complicated theories of why they won’t accept these “labels” even though the “world” sees if differently… that’s really all it is at the end of the day: a label.

    Celebrities can deny they are porn stars and porn stars can deny they are prostitutes, but the general population disagrees. The public generally doesn’t sugarcoat things or come up with convoluted theories to defend the actions of others. They just go with common sense.

    That’s where the discrepancy comes from, but most will probably deny it… the way the “world” views someone and the way someone views themselves are on completely different levels. Individuals generally classify themselves in the most “acceptable” way possible whereas the world takes common sense and a label and tries to stick individuals into “categories” to quickly determine someone’s “image” without having to get to know them.

    You have produced sex on tape for money = porn star.
    You have sex for money = prostitute.

    It’s kinda the same thing, but most porn stars will give these big, huge explanations of exactly why they are not “prostitutes.” They’re acting… It’s not for pleasure.. It’s hard work.. Uh, all of these actions apply to prostitutes as well..

    The ONLY reason for this is because the word prostitute has a negative undertone. Anyone on earth could see how a porn star could be considered a prostitute, but they don’t seem to like being referred to as prostitutes so new terms were invented.
    The same exact principles apply to the escort/prostitution labels. Everyone knows escorts are prostitutes yet they don’t want to be classified as prostitutes due to the negative connotation so the term escort was born.

    But, it’s kinda the same thing as you pointed out above.

    The “general population” doesn’t get that specific with regards to “labels.” Generally speaking, what many see as “judgments” are people trying to bridge the gap between just plain common sense and different made up labels.

    Prostitution aka Performing sex for money has been around since the beginning of time.. the terms porn star, escort, hooker or even “whore” were born as a sub-category of prostitution.

    Most stupid people don’t analyze it at all and just throw out “whore.” I guess they think that somehow encompasses all of the above? Throwing out the term “whore” just seems so fucking lazy to me. But, there will always be dumb and lazy people on earth.. they’ve been around since the beginning of time as well…. lol.

  40. @lacey

    like choosing the funhouse mirror image vs the one staring back while brushing teeth?

  41. @Lacey…..Yep!….bull’s-eye…additionally; stud/ladies man/player = slut/whore/tramp…. life is unfair…lol

  42. @Lacey….lol….but let’s face it …we all really wanna be pornstars…but perhaps without the video….hahaha

  43. Porn stars and prostitutes. I once knew a person whose house was used quite often for porn shoots. One day he is home when the film crew and a two of the male performers show up and begin to get everything ready for the shoot. About an hour later a car with the two girls pulls up in front of the house. One of the male performers says “The whores are here.” The owner of the house says to him, “I thought they were already here.” The male performer went balistic. the homeowner said, “You fuck anything with a pulse for money, you are a whore.”

  44. I’m posting this here and at the bottom because I don’t necessarily agree with the content, BUT it was the first time I was ever truly shocked of what came out of a porn director’s mouth regarding the meaning of the term “whore.” I remember reading it with my mouth open and wondering if most porn directors had the same opinion? (Obviously, I later found out this isn’t the most popular opinion from all or even most porn directors.. but, there are absolutely a few out there with the same viewpoints…)
    Then I found out he committed suicide, his gf died or something and he was pretty fucked up in general, but it still always makes me question certain porn directors and/or people within the porn community, even to this day…

    Chico Wang was a director for Anabolic/Diabolic studios years ago..

    This is his answer to the question:
    What is a whore in relation to the adult business?

    A whore is any girl who fucks for money.

    I would say 90% of the girls in the industry hate what they do and fuck only for money.

    I would also say that 99% of the girls in the industry hate getting assfucked but do it only for the money.

    I would also say that 99% of the girls in the industry have serious issues such as but not limited to previous bouts with rape, incest, molestation, drug abuse, pimp boyfriends, etc.

    Most have an IQ of room temperature. Most do not have automobiles. Most do not have bank accounts. Most do not and cannot acquire a credit card. Most squander all their porn earnings almost immediately. Most will end up penniless and return to the business because their job skills relegate them to a lifelong search for a drug dealing sugardaddy or public assistance. Most have complete lack of self-esteem. These are societal problems and cannot be blamed on an adult industry which neither cares or should care.

    The fact that I could call a new porn girl a ‘fucking whore’ and, when I explain myself, they shower me with hugs as I tell them that they should suck as much dick as possible to get ahead tells you alot. Yes, I coach these girls too on how to be the best whore they can be. It’s more of a longevity and monetary issue as opposed to a derogatory one.

    Here’s an interesting story. I usually have whores running rampant around my abode. When a friend asks me how he can get blown by these whores, I tell them to go up next to them and pull out their peckers. It’s the easiest way. Why? These girls are conditioned to suck dick. When there’s a dick in front of them, they look like a deer caught in the headlights and don’t know what to do. It’s instinct for them to suck it until it coats the back of their throats with nut butter.

    Now tell me this. Do you think the girls in the industry love what they do? Nearly every scene ends in a facial. Can you really fathom how truly degrading this act really is? Can you really fathom how truly degrading it is to suck off 5 complete strangers and gulp down their ball snot and have to pretend they loved every minute of it? Can you really fathom how truly degrading it is to suck on a dick that’s been pulled out of your own asshole which smells like complete shit? They do it for the money and that’s what makes them whores.


    I think alot of you forget after watching so many DVDs exactly what the reality is. You fall into a trap of fantasy land thinking these girls love what they do. If there was no paycheck involved, the female talent pool would drop to nothing. They don’t do it for the sheer love of it. They get drilled in the asshole, they take a mugfull of cum, they fuck complete strangers, because of one reason only.


    ***I’m not even going to give an opinion on this one, but I don’t think he’s being funny or humorous here… These are his true opinions I’ll leave it at that…

  45. You would be surprised at the amount of people who completely agree with him according to forums and message boards… astounding.
    Although, I must admit I’ve heard much worse… this one has always stayed with me because it was the first time I read something so straight-forward, raw and fucking creepy in regards to the porn industry. You know, back in my “innocence of porn” days when watching porn was actually kinda fun… haha.

  46. Lol …eye candy? amused watching, fun..recalled or anticipatory involves all five senses 🙂

  47. @BT –
    It seems drunkenstepfather.com has some sort of NSFW trailer up of the teen mom 2 video, but I didnt watch it. I don’t really care that much… LOL!
    If you watch it, give me an awkwardness grade between 1-10…. 🙂

  48. Lacey: Softcore and hardcore trailers. Hard to tell from them what the final will be like because they’re pretty standard stuff and this is supposed to be the bondage tape. It just shows her swinging in the swings. Bondage, humiliation, etc. just ain’t my thing and James Deen sounds a little nastier in the voice over. I’m not a fan to begin with, and especially not when he’s abusive. So, we’ll see when the whole thing is released tomorrow.

  49. @Lacey. So, Vivid has posted the videos, apparently a day early. First, I kind of liked the first one – or at least the first scene in the first one, because the lighting was good and it looked like they used a cameraman. The one thing I don’t like about the celeb vids is that they really are shot by amateurs – the lighting is bad (see the Myla one) and since the guy is usually the one shooting the action, he gets, well, a little distracted and forgets to aim the camera at the action. The first Farrah was shot like porn.

    When you watch Backdoor 2, you see why they released Backdoor 1 first. Its three scenes. The first two scenes were shot by James Deen. Lighting is bad and the filming of the action is bad. A lot of times, you’re staring at her back or her head. It is not the BDSM tape they promoted. The dancing around the pole is more silly than erotic and the sew swing is more or less just her messing around on the swing.

    The first scene is more or less a BJ with no happy ending – it’s about 10 minutes long.

    The second scene is a lot of vaginal sex, including in the swing, ending in a cum shot on her breasts. Lots of just fumbling around. Its just OK.

    The third scene is anal – it is Backdoor Mom 2 afterall – but here’s the thing. If you saw the first movie, you’ll remember there was a computer monitor on the dresser showing the time stamp. So, the footage in the third scene is the footage they edited out of the anal scene in Backdoor Mom 1. You can tell by watching the monitor. If you watch Backdoor Mom 1, you can watch the time jumps – where it goes from like 12:45 PM to 1:15 PM. The footage in this scene is the footage from between the time jumps. It starts at around 12:50 PM.

    Vivid did this with the Kardashian tape 2 – it put out a second tape by splicing together footage it edited out of tape 1.

    All the scenes are shot in the same room. So, they probably put James Deen and Farrah in the room alone together for the first couple of scenes. Let Deen film them and they get used to one another. He may have even filmed the shower scene in the first movie. They then let her freshen up – get a little shower footage out of that – and bring in a pro to film the anal scene, which was pretty well shot, and then spliced that up to get two scenes out of it.

    And, if that’s the case, Farrah certainly gave her rights to the release since its all the same shoot – companies can edit, re-edit, re-package, etc.

    What you really want to know is: If she’s getting a percentage, was her lawyer savvy enough to make sure she got a percentage of any use of the footage, or is it only on Backdoor 1 and not reuses of the footage. If so – and who knows – Vivid will keep all the profit from Backdoor 2.

  50. @BT –
    Hahaha… nice summary. Your boredom really showed through!!

    TMZ (surprise!) released emails from Farrah changing items in the “contract” just to fuck with her a little more, I guess? And, of course, the bullshit therapist had to add her 2 cents in as well…

    Let the “I’m the world’s biggest victim” campaign begin….

    Can it get anymore stupid? I mean… really?

  51. TMZ must be partners with Vivid. They have a banner ad of the video posted on the site at all times.

  52. @Billy –
    I’ve heard numerous times that Vivid has some sort of business stake or ownership in TMZ. Not sure about the details, but it makes perfect sense.
    Now, it seems they’re occasionally using fishwrapper.com or something which I believe is owned by TMZ.

    Either way, Vivid and TMZ/fishwrapper are definitely connected…

  53. Not sure I’d jump to partnership or “affiliated” from a banner ad for one video…maybe marketing is doing their job …using ad cash where performer name has generated traffic they want to target for sales.

    One thing is sure…This release has an aggressive marketing campaign attached to it.

  54. @Lacey

    Wonder if she takes the polygraph?

    Guess she was smart enough to include footage royalties vs named release royalties?

  55. To be honest, I don’t fucking care. I’m so over this shit…. a polygraph test? Why don’t they just go on the Maury Povich show:

    “On today’s episode we’re going to learn whether Mr. Ed was *actually* a horse and if Farrah Abraham is an ugly, delusional, wannabe, lying ass attention whore?”

    And the entire world would go “Who fucking cares…”

  56. Tell us, Matt, how exactly does an overweight, bipolar 68 year old propose to achieve anything remotely resembling an erection? lol

  57. The crazy thing….I bet she’s one of those people that could actually pass the polygraph even with all the lies…. scary crazy… though I’m not even sure why she would need to be polygraphed at this point…. everything’s been so obviously fabricated…. oh maybe it’s been suggested regarding the new allegations of abuse… was that it Lurk?

  58. I am willing to make a ONE MILLION dollar wager with Steve Hirsh to pass a polygraph test. “Steve, did Ginger Lynn ever……no previews to the questios Steve.

  59. Haha… she probably would pass the polygraph because I think she may be delusional enough to *actually* think her lies are true…

    If not, then her psych. profile would be multiple pages long… eh, it probably is long anyway.

    I saw a commercial for CT with her and her mom. Yep, that should be *interesting* in a dog vomit kinda way….

  60. A follow up question,
    “How much child support do you pay on a monthly basis to..(insert names here) and how many times…………? Heres why its a good wager. He lies, he looses, he tells the truth he looses more.

  61. Ohhhh…..now I get the whole polygraph talk…. I was definitely not on the cutting edge of this part of the story… hmmmm ….. it’s just all kinda sad now…. At this point, I hope for her sake it was a big lie…

  62. Lots of Caverject. Also, bipolar meds can affect an erection but don’t with everyone.

    BTW I was attempting to inject a little humor into the discussion. Actually I am somewhere in between James Deen and Brad Pitt in the looks department.

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