“Celebrity” Sex Tapes How Much do They Make?

OK , we were treated to the photo of Farrah Abraham with a 120 thousand dollar check from Vivid this week, a royalty check any chick in porn would kill for….  What does it tell us though aboutthe biz.  First of all ya can’t blame Hirsch for putting it out there it’s a nice sum, and it will entice other low level wanna be celebs to consider doing one but you also know that by Hollywood A-lister status its a mere pittance.  Hell George Clooney wouldn’t sit on the edge of a bed in a Woody Allen movie for that amount…

Anyway figure things on the high side, figure she got a full  million dollars up front as an advance against her royalties and then after two months she got another 120k, so lets round it down to 1.1 Million total.  I’d say its fairly safe to say she got maybe 20% of the take.  Knowing the biz I’d put the distributor pricing for the DVD at around 20 bucks, watching it online costs about 40 bucks.half of which goes to the affiliate and Vivid gets the other half so again each view is prolly worth around 20 bucks to Vivid, maybe a bit more since not all people come through affiliates. but using round numbers that are very close.

if she had 20% and netted 1.1 M in 3 months that means Vivid did 5.5M in sales, or sold about 275,000 units, most of those units were likely online views so lets say 25 percent of those were DVD sales so that’s about 68,750 DVDs worldwide. (I’d bet the Pamela Anderson tape did about 10 times that number)

OK if you look at the numbers here that doesn’t seem like that much really, certainly nowhere near Hollywood numbers even for a flop.  BUT very profitable for Vivid.  Look at it this way, If you took the the twenty best selling porn DVDs of 2013 combined it is highly doubtful they sold more than about half that 67,750 units…COMBINED.

So are these Celebrity Sex Tapes profitable?  You bet they are! And as long as they are profitable you can bet that Steve Hirsch will keep cranking them out.   Now if you think that Myla Sinnanaj is going to do the same numbers that Farrah Abraham did think again, Farrah was at least on an MTV reality show…At best Myla fucked someone who was married to Kim Kardashian for a minute, at best she was next to someone who was next to a semi celebrity once.

That’s a site you can watch Myla Sinanaj sex tape once released

You can see the Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Here!

78670cookie-check“Celebrity” Sex Tapes How Much do They Make?

“Celebrity” Sex Tapes How Much do They Make?

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  1. For Myla, don’t you think it’ll also be a matter of what she does on the tape? I think Farrah upped the ante for any gal who wants to do a sex tape, unless they’re a real celebrity, like Lindsay Lohan. Other gals have given a blow job – and turned away from the facial – or had straight vaginal sex. Farrah took it in the butt, squirted and took a load in the mouth. Then, she had a full-blown toy scene in the back of the car. Is Myla going to top that? If not, I think the curiosity factor only gets so many sales. But who knows.

  2. PS – with regard to Farrah’s million, I’m also reminded of the old joke. Man walks up to a beautiful woman at a party and says, would you sleep with me for $1 million.

    Woman thinks for a moment and says: Well, yes, I think I would.

    Man says: Well, then, would you sleep with me for a dollar.

    The woman is insulted and says: What kind of a girl do you think I am?

    Man says: We’ve already established that. Now, we’re negotiating.

    Farrah says she only did it because she wants to look back 30 years from now and remember what her body looked like when she was young and hot (while taking it in the butt from James Deen). Will her kid look back and wonder what Mom looked like when she sold herself for a million bucks – and we know what kind of a woman she is.

  3. The old Winston Churchill joke to one of his female friends, cleaned up a bit. I always found that one funny.

  4. Ricco, I doubt you will ever get Marci to lick your ass clean. However if you become a porn stud she may suck your dick from what I have been hearing lately. Personally I would rather have Shy Love or Bobbi Starr doing the licking and sucking.

  5. lol…Mharris, that’s what I heard most of those over at VIVID are very good at, lick out guys assholes. Marci Hirsch is one of the kinkiest
    Jewish Porn Industry whores I’ve ever heard of.

    Shy Love is on the way out, and I personally don’t have any interest in anymore loud mouth Jew-PR chicks. She’s is a loud mouth and a real whore. Pussy is all stretched out and just doesn’t appeal to fans anymore with all the stretch out pussy. You can have her.

  6. I just read on the Big green Gene site that she is selling out to that guy who caught Marcus with the ‘BAD” test last year.
    Maybe he can clean the shitter out and start getting thing
    rolling again and get rid of those Bi Boys and the “caverjack” needles and slow down the STD/ Sti’s that are going around…..maybe….?

  7. Just heard from a girl in LA that Ty Roderick? male bi pornstar up there is looking for male and female talent to work with him in website shit he is trying to put up.
    Fuck that! More std’s to pass around. People in this Industry are getting pretty fuckin’ lame.

  8. I said I wanted to fuck Shy, not use her PR or agent services. I would have to agree that Shy’s pussy is well used so maybe I would be in for a shock when I saw her pussy up close, I don’t know.

    As for Marci I have heard the same rumors you have but only believe half of them. I have wondered if she is so kinky why doesn’t Vivid make BDSM and other push-the-envelope movies instead of features. The kinkiest thing Vivid has made lately is Farrah “Teen Mom” Abraham getting fucked up the ass by James Deen. That leads me to believe that Marci (and Steven) aren’t as kinky as the rumor mill suggests. You can’t say that kink doesn’t make money, Peter Acworth has made a mint with his company — all sites (other than maybe Fucking Machines) based on different kinks. Brent Scott seems to be doing well with Intersec lately, too. I think Kink.com makes more profit in a year than Vivid ever thought of making. Peter also has Twisted Factory which he is attempting to build back up after its former owners let it go downhill for years.

  9. Celebrity tapes are a bit of a weird deal, because they seem to be hinged entirely on a formula with a few things in it:

    (would you bang her) x (how well know) x (exposure levels) / (sleazy factor)+ (how bad the performance is).

    It’s why a trollish thing like Tila Tequila couldn’t get attention, because not that many would bang her, she was only marginally well known, was over exposed… and then the sleaze factor was high and the performance that was out there was lame. Zero.

    Kim Kardasian? Many guys wanted to bang her, she is really well known, exposed like crazy / she wasn’t sleazy about it and the action wasn’t terrible. Winner!

    Teen Mom only had middling scores, but by adding anal and a cum facial, and being a very willing fuck sort of raised the performance level, making it work out.

    As for the million, Mike have you considered that perhaps the Million was a flat fee for all of the DVD and usage rights, and the check just a percentage of online views? My guess is that Vivid probably did a couple of million on DVDs, but did more than that online, and the check was her 5% or whatever of online sales.

  10. Farrah Abraham getting a Mill is a urban legend. Think about it, if she got a mill she would be long gone from porn. She would certainly have a better agent than the slime ball ex pimp madam that’s repping her now. I think she got a five figure or low low low six figure pay day for the sex tape. If you talk to talent that work for Vivid they will tell you the same. Riddle me this, if she was so quick to post a pic the 100k pay check to TMZ, where’s the million pay check????? Another question if you got paid a million bucks would you be hanging around a porn convention selling Polaroid’s for $10 a pop to a bunch of perverts? This woman has never had money before so if she got a big pay day she would be living it up. Not making appearances at strip clubs.

  11. Your math is based on the fact that she said she got paid $1 million. Prior to that it was “high six figures”. Who hasn’t heard the Vivid sales propaganda before? Remember the time they said they sold 50k units of a movie and it was revealed they only sold like 5k? So did they really pay her $1 mil up front and then $120k later? Or did they said you will probably make $1 million but here is (something much lower – like $50k) up front and then the first royalty check was $120k? Isn’t that far more believable?

  12. Yall aint readin it right….I said figure on the high side….so if they paid her less or a lower percentage the math still works

    I believe that all told she around 500K advance but really it doesnt matter what she got paid…fact is Vivid made bank on her sex tape relative to other porn releases…even if they paid her 1M.

  13. Let’s assume the million was a million. There’s a point that Farrah will probably learn (this is what happens when you’re the parent of a twenty-something). Pay your agent 10%, and one million is now $900,000. Pay 38% taxes, and $1 million less 10% agent fee is $560,000. If she lives in a state with income tax, her $560,000 is now $490,000. Let’s say she’s a smart girl and invests all of it into an annuity so that she has something live on the rest of her life. She can expect about $1,800 a month, or $21,600 a year before taxes.

    Meanwhile …… endorsement deals, appearance fees and celebrity are going to last only so long yet she has a daughter to raise, support and put through college. Yet, she has significantly limited her ability to launch a career to support her kid. And those all suppose that she decides not to live large on the $500,000 she walked away with.

    Long math short, hopefully $22K a year was worth screwing James Deen on camera.

  14. For what it’s worth, TMZ says Myla’s tape, like Farrah’s, is an anal. That’s going to be the new bar for celebrity sex tapes.

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