Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape

Ya never know if and when something is of interest in this biz and so far news of a Myla Sinanaj  sex tape coming from Vivid has gotten a rather ho hum reception.  Word is that like the Farrah Abraham sex tape, Myla Sinanaj was professionally shot and produced by Vivid, It wasn’t “stolen” or lost or anything like that.  No word yet on who the male co star is and Vivid has been silent about it as has Myla herself, but it’s coming I expect…..prolly gotta give AVN’s check a chance to clear….

That’s a site you can watch Myla Sinanaj sex tape once released

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Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape

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  1. Never heard of this girl. Don’t ya have to be famous 1st before ya leak your own sex tape? Maybe she isn’t famous but the male is? Mike you didn’t make a sex tape with this girl did ya?

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