Another Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Coming

Word on the street is that a second Farrah Abraham Sex tape is on the way from Vivid.   Again with james deen but this one is much milder and just features some BDSM play.  If the story is correct Vivid will try to market it as a “leaked sex tape” but how could anything with James Deen in it be leaked…

That’s a site you can watch Farrah Abraham sex tape once released.

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Another Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Coming

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  1. Not as exciting a topic as Hep C, but …. So, I watched the original Farrah Abraham tape. I had to give her kudos. She did anal. She squirted. She took a facial. More importantly, for all the BS about it being a leaked tape, it was professionally shot and lit porn. You saw what you wanted to see. Watched the Myla scene yesterday. She made no bones about the fact that she was making a porn tape – none of this, it was a personal tape that someone has stolen and is leaking. Yet, they shot it like the Kim K and Ray J tape. The lighting is bad, the angles are bad. The quality isn’t sharp. If you’re going to do porn, do what Farrah did, and give us the goods so we can see it.

    As to a second Farrah tape, it’ll be interesting how big the market is for a second tape with vanilla sex (I don’t think that many people care about fake bondage) after she was so daring and explicit in the first tape.

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