Transfixed: Nikki North and Andre Stone Star in New Episode – “A Long Day’s Work”

Ah, the simple pleasure of a great intro melody. In A Long Day’s Work, the newest episode in Transfixed’s ongoing series, a stunning trans business woman reconnects with her stay-at-home husband.

Nikki North shatters the screen immediately upon entry (into the scene; we’ll get to the other exciting entries later). With sharp yet delicate features and a body that can only be described as a work of art, she looks professional and just disheveled enough that we know she’s had a long day. She’s glad to be home and, as she tiptoes her mile-long legs to the dozing Andre Stone, we’re glad she’s there, too.
What follows is a dose of emotional connection that I wasn’t exactly looking for, but was ever-so-glad to find. Stone is distressed at his wife’s repeated absence–sure, he’s glad she’s working hard for their burgeoning family, but he misses her. He’s glad she’s finding success, but he really misses her. The tense exchange between North and Stone is both honest and direct, laden with love and understanding.

“You know I’m happy to stay at home with the baby, and I really do appreciate all the hours you’re putting in,” Stone tells her under a fabulously furrowed brow. 

“But these long hours aren’t fair–to me or to you. I need time with my wife.”

Did I mention he’s still donning an empty baby carrier this entire time? Because he’s a devoted, hard working daddy, who napped after toting their darling child around all day. Who loves and misses his wife and expresses his feelings. Who then unclothes one of those perfectly angled penises with an upward curve and bulbous head that made me root for their marriage all the more.
He’s vocally proud of his member, and rightfully so. North drops to her knees to worship hubby’s pristine cock, showcasing effortless skill in both technique and timing, with all the right moments dedicated to speed, spit, and the occasional well-placed kiss.
At last, the empty baby carrier and North’s shirt come off, and the couple take time to appreciate each other fully. You can tell they’ve worked together before, and it’s a fabulous pairing to behold. There’s obvious chemistry, perhaps even love present in this scene–and, yes, also some absolutely delicious ass-eating.
When it’s Stone’s turn to give head, we see his own style contrasted with North’s previous, steady lavishing. He’s focused now, entirely honed in on feasting on his wife. And, as glorious as he is at his work, North’s face is the true star of the scene. It’s impossible not to mirror her every moan and expression.
We’re given a perfectly timed conclusion, not only with a gorgeously throbbing cum-on-tits shot, but with a bit more of that relaxing music and a promise that the couple will make it work, despite hardships (and because of hard dicks).
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Transfixed: Nikki North and Andre Stone Star in New Episode – “A Long Day’s Work”

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