Steve Hirsch Where Are You Miss Teen Delaware Needs A Pimp

ms teen delaware
Miss teen delaware

Hey Hirsch, where are you with your million dollar offers on this one?

By now everyone knows that Miss Teen Delaware, Melissa King, has stepped down after it was discovered she had done porn.  Seems to me she’d be the perfect one for you to offer millions of dollars to shoot for Vivid….You are missing an opportunity to whore yourself for attention.


Oh wait….SHE might actually take you up on it right?

But my bet is someone is gonna make that offer… 5, 4, 3….



72880cookie-checkSteve Hirsch Where Are You Miss Teen Delaware Needs A Pimp

Steve Hirsch Where Are You Miss Teen Delaware Needs A Pimp

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5 Responses

  1. Everyone has his number, we all know he won’t make big offers to folks that might say yes. This girl is either a marketing genius or a moron.

    Either she entered the contest to win and get huge publicity for her porn career or she is a moron and thought her porn movies would never come back to bite her in the ass?

  2. I don’t see where Mike has actually made an offer. The only offer of this type I recall Mike making was several years ago, one million dollars to Lindsay Lohan if my memory is correct. Lindsay turned the offer down. This chick would probably actually accept a million dollar porn offer (which would undoubtedly be a multi-year contract with at least 20 scenes) so no one will be making those flippant offers like Steve Hirsch was so popular for earlier in the century.

  3. Actually, this is just proof that the YouPorn people have figured out where to send the press releases to TMZ, who are suckers willing to put up anything for attention.

    As for the girl, apparently even the people who filmed her don’t want her back, apparently a bit of a dead fish in bed.

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