Stefani Morgan…Someone REALLY Doesn’t Want You To Hear Her Story

I alluded to the fact that I was talking to Stefani Morgan last week and even though I hadn’t even had her whole story and even though I am still getting her story and even though I haven’t run a word of what she has said…I got a VERY threatening letter from Vivids lawyers.

Now this is something I consider very unusual and very suspicious  they are threatening me even though I haven’t written a word? Even though I haven’t called Vivid or Bill Asher Or Steven Hirsch…WOW someone doesn’t want something out which certainly doesn’t look innocent.

Stefani has quite the story to tell, but being responsible I have to have a bit more than just her word whether I believe her or not so if she says something like “Bill Asher attempted to anally rape me” the first thing I wanna see is a police report and if there isn’t one then I am not going to say that happened.  Most of what Stefani has told me so far does revolve around Bill Asher and that;s a name not a lot of porners know….apparently he is a money guy and a quiet, if not silent partner of Steve Hirsch.

I am told there is litigation and possibly a criminal investigation going on but what evidence I have that may point to that I am not at liberty to share at the moment.

What I will say is that I can’t help but feel some sympathy for Stefani, she is smart and well spoken and she has lived a life few can imagine, being six years old and thinking that sexually abused is normal is pretty fucked up…make that a LOT fucked up, but Stefani isn’t making excuses, she seems to be more trying to get control over a tumultuous life.  I think she is a great example of why we need to raise the bar for entry into this business, when someone comes from a background like that and we know it, we shouldn’t compound the problem by welcoming her (or him) into porn.  It does as much damage to us as it does to the prospective performer and this is a prime example of that, if indeed Vivid knew of her past, in particular Bill Asher but really anyone, someone should should have seen the potential liability and pulled the plug on her.  She is exactly the kind of girl I try to avoid shooting…There are plenty of girls who are doing it and wont regret it for me to fuck up someones life.

I am still getting Stefanis story and I do intend to follow up on it but I do have to wonder why Vivid and who at Vivid is suddenly so afraid that they send me a preemptive threat.  I have had plenty to say about Vivid and Steven Hirsch in the past and never gotten a threat before or after.

I am pleased that Stefani is getting her life together and I believe she is going to be fine, I would just like to be able to say that the business I am in is responsible enough that they don’t intentionally fuck up peoples lives.  And finally I mentioned that she was in a shelter…I need to point out that all shelters are not for the indigent.

If anyone has any info on the relationship between Bill Asher and Stefani or anyone else I would sure like to hear it.


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Stefani Morgan…Someone REALLY Doesn’t Want You To Hear Her Story

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  1. Its a shame so many girls that get introduced to sex way before they should find their way into porn. Anyone that puts their cock in a little kid should be taken out back and shot.

  2. Mike: As you probably know, an individual or entity can’t sue you for something you may write but have not yet written; nor can they prevent you from writing something on the basis that they say it could be harmful to them if you write it, since they don’t know what it is you’re going to write. So, this is bluster – basically a large organization with deep pockets telling you that they’ll make life difficult and expensive if you write something about them. They have lawyers on retainer. You probably don’t.

    That said, Vivid is a very visible and public organization, one that advertises itself to the public and has thrust itself into the middle of public issues around pornography, the treatment of performers, STDs, etc. What all of that means is that should you publish something about them that is wrong, even if you’ve double sourced it, they have to prove that you were out to get them regardless of the truth – I’ve never read anything on your site that was maliciously aimed at Vivid or Hirsch – and that they suffered quantifiable financial harm that they can directly tie to your article.

    Long way of saying – cross your Ts and dot your I’s.

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