Ebola Monkey Man Writes:

Steve Writes:

That’s Cold

Ebola Monkey Man Writes:

Just read that interview.
One thing came to mind.
That was great.

Ebola Monkey Man

And Dirty Bob Writes:

Mistah South:
Ah needs to apiligize for my son, Moe Green’s addytude. Ever since Little Moe began to be a man and grown them short ‘n curlies down there in that part that he washes once every weak or two (or whenever Ma can’t tell if that ripe smell is dinnah or Little Moe), he has had a fashynashun with that skinny hoah Nakeeta Kash.

Me and Ma are worried that this fashynashun will someday lead to seeing Our Misteak (don’t tell Little Moe, but he was spoosed to be a spot on Granny’s quilt, but ah didn’t pull out of the barn in time) on one of them thar TV shows we watch at night through the window at Rifles and Spuds Department Store.

Moey won’t leave this bada bimbo alones, Mistah South. We aren’t sayin’ that we aren’t glad to see him leave the famly farm, but he took all the money we was savin’ from plowin’ the North Forty and left last week to hitch to Floridee to find her and spend our money on her for lap dances.

Mistah South, can you help us? I’m afeered that Little Moe is gonna give the beech all of the money – which I figgur will be about seventeen dollars unless he buys one of them Baby Ruths (he likes them Baby Ruths) one the way down there – for a lap dance, and since the little bastard hasn’t taken a bath since before plowing, I think that Nakeeta will take one sniff of his ripe, healthy manhood smell and rush him to the preacher man before he comes to his senses.

I heered that you go to Floridee all the time to catch them fish we can’t get in the crick. If you see Little Moe before he gets to Nakeeta, can you take him fishin’ first and makes sure he smells like fish. Me and Ma figgur that this way he will smell like fish when Nakeeka plops her skinny arse on his lap and will think of Little Moe more as a woman when she smells the fish smell and won’t find him Husband matereeal.

0 Moe Green Sr.
And for those of you who somehow think that I wrote that bit, Thank You but I don’t write that well, even on my best day. Moe Green is a regular contributor to my site and despite the fact that he has only one eye, his observations are, rather keen.

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Ebola Monkey Man Writes:

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