Dirty Bob Rings in on Ronnie:


I need to add my 2 cents in to the Ron Jeremy fiasco. I’m like everyone else in the biz and have known him since Day One. You see things, you hear things, and discard 90% of what you hear, and store the last 10% away for the future.

First: Ladies, I am NOT being unsympathetic to your feelings. I am also NOT trying to defend Ron. I am trying to show you how it looks to an OUTSIDER who could NEVER fully understand the porn world and the people therein. If you feel he raped you, then the ball is in your court. This is serious stuff.

Is Ron a strong-arm or forceful rapist? Doubtful. Half the time he can’t stay AWAKE – I’ve seen him fall asleep while getting blown! He gets winded cutting a steak! Is Ron a horndog? You betcha. That’s the beauty of Ron (did I just use Ron and Beauty in the same sentence?). Ron CAN get laid at the drop of a taco anytime and anywhere and DOES – I’ve seen it happen too many times to count. I’ve asked quite a few women why they do it, and more than a few have answered that it is because the always wondered, down (ahem!) deep, if they could “accommodate” this above-average shlong. Well, that and bragging rights, naturally. Ron and Elvis. Go figure.

Ron is no Angel. Like any other guy, he has his own methods of weaseling into a woman as well as a chow line with equally impressive results. Hell, he is so damn good at it that sometimes he even uses the fact that he sweats to his advantage, but I can’t give away all of his secrets, right? Fortunately, he usually has the women coming on to him.

One of the recent complaints against him that has widely surfaced was, I believe, a woman (no names here!) claiming that he took advantage of her because he took things farther than “just putting the tip of his dick in her pussy.” That complaint is incredibly stupid. If Dr. Phil heard that he would probably ask when she fell off The Stupid Tree. Here is a woman, obviously not to ever be confused with Mother Theresa, who willingly gets naked in a hotel room with a porn performer, gets him hard (we really DON’T need to know how she accomplishes this!), lets him stick the tip of his dick in her pussy, and then bitches because he may momentarily go deeper than just the tip? We aren’t talking about getting off, either. Just deeper, momentarily. And remember, we are also not talking Nick Manning here; this is the Hedgehog, Ron Jeremy. I don’t care if it is for a quick picture or whatever – if you consent to let a porn stud put part of his dick in your pussy, can you reasonably expect a guy with a raging hard-on to smile, say thank-you-very-much for getting me all excited and horny and having to stop at that point, and get dressed and walk away? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HALF A RAPE. C’mon now. A male porn star is like a vampire trying to enter a home: if asked to come in, he invariably will do so, but he has to be given permission to enter first. So enough already. Would you expect to take Ron (or anyone) to a steak house when he is starving, buy him a sizzling steak, put it in front of him, and tell him that he can only chew on it but not swallow it? Yeah, right. Actually, Ron would eat his food AND everyone else’s left-overs, but that is another story. Can you imagine Judge Judy hearing someone say that “Yes, Your honor, I am a porn star. I fuck for a living. I love anal, d.p., and bukkake and could probably take on the Morman Tabernackle Choir in half an evening with enough lube. My complaint? Well, uh, I was naked in a room with another naked porn star, just the two of us, and told him that he could put part of his dick inside me, and he slid it in deeper than I would have liked for a few seconds, so I think that means he raped me.” Save THAT one for Sweeps Week!

All this aside, I think that the real reason for the sudden Jeremy complaints is timing. Ron is hot, and people are riding his coat tails whenever possible – especially people who NEED some publicity at this stage in their fading or stale careers. I am suggesting no names in particular. Hell, even writing this letter to you, South, could be construed the same way (trying to get publicity due to someone else’s recent press) but we both know that isn’t the case, fortunately. I am just trying to clear things up or at least put things in perspective.

Bottom line: I like Ron. I like Ginger. Hell, I like ’em all. This is the fuck business, and people WILL get fucked one way or another.

How hot IS Ron right now? Very. I just received my advance copy of the October issue of Playboy. On the back inside page where they list what is coming up next month (Nov. issue) is this blurb:

“THE HEDGEHOG AT 50 – You’ve seen Ron Jeremy in action, but do you know how the unlikely sex star became one of porn’s titans? Having reached the half-century mark, with more than 1600 films under his bulging belt, he finally comes clean. Plus: six inches of separation, starring Ron’s A-List friends. An unforgettable profile by Erik Fleming.”

Like I said, it is all in the timing.

Dirty Bob

Ron Jeremy A rapist:

I have been trying to figure out what to say on this because honestly, I don’t know what to say. Then along comes JimmyD who sums it up pretty damn well cept for one thing…No Ronnie isn’t Isreali Yes Ronnie IS Jewish.

From Simplyjimmyd.com

Wow! I smell a Made-for-TV movie. Something along the lines of “Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?” Maybe they’ll call it “Who is Raping the Great Pornstars of America?” And then it could be subtitled, “The Ron Jeremy Story.” I know, I know, that’s a stretch. I just felt I needed to make a food connection. Get it? Chefs… Food… Pornstars… Sex… Ron Jeremy.

Now look people, I have no clue whether Ron Jeremy is a serial rapist or not. And I’m certainly not about to call anyone a liar. I know Ronnie and I know some of his accusers. Ron Jeremy does not strike me as a rapist, unless you’re talking about raping a buffet line. But then, some of the girls who are accusing him don’t strike me as liars or worse either. So what we have here is a genuine mystery.

There are, however, a few things I’m pretty sure I do know. Contrary to what Ginger Lynn says, I’m pretty confident there hasn’t been some giant, Ron Jeremy cover-up on a global, porn-world scale. I’ve been in this biz for more than a decade and no one–NO ONE– has ever asked me to keep my mouth shut about something as lurid as the Hedgehog raping women. Mostly, in the jizz biz (and only on very rare occasions), if someone asks you to keep your mouth shut about something, the something usually has to do with money and someone screwing someone out of it, or it has to do with the private life of someone in the jizz biz who wants their life kept private. But also remember that secrets are generally not well-kept in this business which makes me wonder how Ron Jeremy could be going around raping lots of women for a long time and I never heard a fucking word about it.

Also remember that ( for the most part) pornographers LOVE to gossip! They—make that we– LOVE to talk shit about each other. And also remember something else about pornographers: We love to fucking lie. That’s right! Lying and/or taking the truth and turning into chopmeat is practically the national pastime for pornographers. That’s not to say I’m saying anyone’s lying here. I’m just saying there’s a lot of lying that goes on in the porn biz in general if you get what I’m saying. And please believe me, I’m not lying about this!

Of course, there’s liars and there’s liars. And in the XXX industry the most consummate liars are generally Israelis, which neither Ronnie nor his accusers are. I know that sounds bigoted–maybe some would even say it sounds anti-Semitic– but bigotry and anti-Semitism aside, the fact is it’s true. We have a saying here in our little, Bill Margold-christened ‘Playpen of the Damned’ — we sometimes say about someone, “He (or she) has Israeli Disease.” And if someone asks just what Israeli Disease is? We tell them: “Israeli Disease is where every time his (or her) lips move, they lie.”

But again, and please believe me about this, I’m not saying anyone is lying here! Although we all must face the plain naked truth that someone is… lying that is.

So the big, BIG million-dollar question is: “Who is lying?”

P.S. Don’t expect this story to take on the magnitude of the Kobe Bryant rape story. Don’t even expect it to make it to page two in the Valley papers. Cuz you see, in the grand scheme of things when it comes to shit goin on in this fucking business–this kind of shit that is–the rest of world could basically give a shit less. Of course, that’s just my humble opinion.

Charging somone with rape is a pretty damn serious thing. Matter of fact, unless that someone has been convicted of rape calling him a rapist is slanderous. I don’t know enough of the facts or the people to say much. I do know Ron Jeremy, pretty damn well even and while I wouldn’t leave him alone with my refridgerator and while I do know him to be a bit touchy he has never, to my knowledge asserted himself on any of the girls I have introduced to him. One other thing I can testify to is that I have never ever been asked to keep anything in porn quiet except when it involved someones personal life. A large scale cover up in this biz seems unlikely, I’m 4 square with JimmyD on that one. I’m sure that this will get uglier before it gets resolved and may even end up in court.

The best Parody Yet, The Maxim issue you NEVER want to read.

Ten Signs a Porn Chick is Interested in You:

I was reading the net today and stumbled across a story titled 10 signs a girl is interested in you…Well knowing that porn chicks aint yer average girls I decided to do all my readers a favor and list the ten signs a pornchick is Interested in you.

10. She keeps glancing at the bulge in your pants, the one where your wallet is to be exact.

9. She smiles at you at a porn show, and she actually remembers the 1600 dollars you paid her for an hour of sex booked through erotica2000.

8. She goes out of her way to get you to notice her, for example you live in Orange County, she lives in Reseda and she shows up on your doorstep because she was evicted.

7. She lets you play with her hair. Hey she didnt spend all that time in make up so that you could fuck it up ya know.

6. She initiates the conversation, and it isn’t the sentence “Get the fuck off of me” when someone says “cut”

5. She laughs at your jokes, the ones your are telling on stage at the AVN Awards that is.

4. She asks if you like certain activities, like an extra girl, or in the case of Jill Kelly, being buttfucked by a gay guy.

3. She pays you a compliment, like “Wow your band is really good, I’m surprised you dont have a record deal yet, you can sponge off me till you get one.

2. She makes sexual comments, like I normally charge 1600 per hour, but since you are a washed up musician with no future I will do you for free and keep you in dope and strippers to boot.

1. She kisses you, hey sex is no big deal but kissing, now that’s personal.


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Dirty Bob Rings in on Ronnie:

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