Tim Case sends this one my way:

Re: Upcoming Porn Invasion of Florida: Dear Goddess of the Universe, This weekend, Dirty Bob, Mike South, TimCase, and Felicia Fox are all leaving their humble domiciles and heading for sunny Florida. Felicia will be the completely nude headliner and feature performer at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida from June 18th – 22nd. Mike South will be lounging on the beach somewhere on the Gulf side of the state, looking for new female talent, working on his tan, and trying to make the rest of his bod match his neck. Dirty Bob will be in Tampa, reportedly continuing his quest for the perfect lap dance.

Goddess chimes in that she can’t make it to Florida because:

Sorry, Tim. I read that one in five people have a thankless job that involves staying home, keeping their clothes on, and never having time/money to take a vacation. Let’s see..one, two, three, four…yep, guess who comes in at good old number five?


3380cookie-checkTim Case sends this one my way:

Tim Case sends this one my way:

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