Dirty Bob Is Miffed:

Cuz I told Luke Ford that annointing Heidi Pike the Trophy girl for the XRCO Awards was “harebrained”. Luke apparently posted it in between his kissing Holly’s ass, kissing Suze’s ass and kissing Holly’s dads ass…LOL. And that’s fine I am on the record unless otherwise noted so i knew he would likely post it. Now I got nothing against Heidi at all, matter of fact I reckon I like her though we haven’t really had any dealings she has always been cool to me. But hey, this should be an upcoming porn chick not an AVN staffer. I don’t claim to speak for Heidi but I somehow suspect she would agree with that sentiment. I understand the spirit in which it was offered and that’s a cool offer but it’s also harebrained.

Devon and Black Kat:

Apparently Devon is now under contract with some outfit nobody has ever heard of called Black Kat but what amused me the most was Black Kat’s owner going on about how “REAL” Devon is. HUH? I mean exactly which parts are real? When I think of Devon the first word that comes to mind generally isn’t real unless real is used directly before an adjective….You pick one…

Stormy Re-Ups With Wicked:

I like Stormy, she and Carmen Luvana are the best contract girls in porn, they never get in trouble, they are smart, pretty keep their noses clean. I do hope Wicked shoots some better promo for her than that horrid stuff they had at AVN Expo.


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Dirty Bob Is Miffed:

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