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You said that: “The problem is that the industry attracts the very people who have the least business being in the industry.”

Not necessarily.

It can also depends on the LEVEL of the performer.

It is no question that the Ron Jeremies, the Stormy Daniels, the Jessica Drakes, and similar level of performers are at least levelheaded enough to thrive in the industry and remain at the top of their game.

The rest – the Gonzo performers (basically) – well, you have to be realistic. Many, if not most of them, come from a job market (assuming they HAD jobs previously) that entailed working at things that could possibly LEAD to doing adult – like stripping at clubs and, well, to be polite let’s just say less desirable things. For them, this industry is a natural progression and, frankly, perfectly tailored for their experience and, for many, their only opportunity to advance.

Which leads to your comment that: “If you come into this biz with a drug problem, it’s going to get worse. If you come into this biz with emotional issues they are going to get worse. If you expect to come out of this biz well adjusted you damn well better come into it very well adjusted.”. How true that is! However, I suspect that drugs are as readily available at strip clubs as on a porn set (probably more so!). But let me ask you this: do you see people more stoned in scenes or working in clubs? Clubs by far! For this reason I submit the outrageous statement that strip clubs – regarding drugs – far eclipse the porn industry and, for that reason, IF the person is level-headed enough to handle it – the industry can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Well said DB except for strip clubs eclipsing porn in drug use…specially these days….I’d say they are pretty even and if you throw in viagra/cialis/caverject etc and steroids porn eclipses strip clubs by a far. But honestly thats pretty tit for tat, stripping probably isn’t any better or worse than porn in terms of emotional stability of the performers….Thanks DB!

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Dirty Bob Writes

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