Wankus has a word with Tim Case:

Ok, I just read that shit on MikeSouth.com.

While I find Mike to be an intelligent guy who usually prints good shit, he obviously dipped into too much free wine at the local Atlanta Italian restaurant.

Scrotum Licker? Jesus Christ, I’ve never admitted to that, how did you know?

Secondly, please don’t compare DP to KSEX ever. Let me give you an example, Radio Shack….The Biltmore. Thank you.

If you’re looking for free plugs Tim, consult me first. As a STAFFer now on KSEX, you’re going to have to tolerate spokespeople who are actually FUNNY speaking for you.

Thank you,

[Purple Background…goes better with black hair-you’ll see with Tera -oops, did I say that]

8740cookie-checkWankus has a word with Tim Case:

Wankus has a word with Tim Case:

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