Tera Wins one and loses one:

Tera won Best Actress at the Venus Awards for her role in Forbidden Pleasures.

KSEX drops the Tera show for reasons I have pointed out about a zillion times:


KSEX DUMPS TERA SHOW (Burbank, CA) – After only two Tera Show’s broadcast, KSEXradio.com, has decided, at least temporarily, to cease airing the Digital Playground based show. “Let me make it real clear,” stated KSEXradio Program Director, Wankus, “there are no conflicts between our two organizations and no bad blood.” Wankus made a point that the reason for removing the live program, usually seen the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, was because of technical and quality issues. “Having worked for major mainstream broadcast players, I used to mock our studio set up, saying that it was pieced together by Band-Aids.” Wankus continued, “Shockingly, it really is many obvious notches up in quality, as compared to the studio Tera uses.” The Tera Show, which does their broadcast from the Digital Playground offices, uses only one direction microphone for it’s audio, hovered over the guest couch. The quality of the microphone is low and as a result not only offers poor sound, but picks up a lot of distracting room noise. Other quality issues included the dark background on the web cams, which makes it difficult for viewers to see Tera and the guests clearly. The stream has a lot of cut outs as well, sometimes buffering or completely down for up to three or four minutes. “That’s too much time for listeners to get bored or frustrated and tune out,” remarked Wankus. KSEXradio offered Digital Playground full access to their studios for the Tera Patrick broadcast, but the gesture was declined at this time. The KSEXradio studios have a 3-4 camera set up for their web cams, a professional television video switcher, full streaming capabilities with strong bandwidth and good quality audio capabilities, complete with editing devices that could include using show theme music, sound bytes and effects, something The Tera Show doesn’t do now. “There is a possibility that we will play her replays during times that we are not live,” continued Wankus, “which would mean we can still promote Tera on KSEX, a tag line that we feel gives us more credibility, and it gives her a forum to be heard on a higher rated medium.” KSEXradio.com listenership has tripled in the last four weeks and the KSEXradio.com web site is making drastic jumps in ‘unique’ and ‘return’ hits (http://www.alexa.com). Management at the 24 hour sex talk radio station made many points to avoid negative industry gossip on the situation. KSEXradio General Manager, Mike Rick, said “Wankus worked so hard to get Tera on the station and he’s so disappointed that, for now, there is a set back. He and I, have talked for endless hours on the issue and the last thing we want people to think is that this decision has been made out of conflict with managements.” Rick went on to say, “Digital Playground, Adella and company should be applauded for their incredible public relation skills.

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Tera Wins one and loses one:

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