When Is a DVD NOT A DVD?:

When it won’t play in your DVD player. For all the hype Vivid is going to try and generate with their “downloadable DVD” product..It isn’t really DVD, sure it will BURN to a DVD but it will only play on your computer NOT on a DVD Player, that’s the part they will conveniently leave out.

Theres still only one place where you can download Full DVDs and DVD encoded scenes on the net and thats


And yes they will play on your DVD player.

Coming Soon From Team Tyler and Team Felica!

(Thats Tim Case and Wankus)


OK Sometimes I get Asked What’s So Special About Jesse Jane:

Listen up and I will tell y’all.

I got an email today from someone in my high school graduating class. My 30 year reunion is in mid August. Now quite honestly I didn’t much like any of them assholes, save for a few, so I skipped all the prior reunions but I thought about this one. And my first thought was how cool would it be to take a high profile porn chick.

I called Jesse Jane and she immediately said hell yes, that her schedule was free and she was looking forward to it and it should be a lot of fun.

I would like to point out that when I graduated High School in 1976 Jesse had yet to be born, matter of fact she wasn’t even thought of as we say down here.

Now Jesse is arguably the top porn chick still working certainly on anyones top 3 list, Now name ONE other A list porn chick besides Felicia Fox who would do that and actually assume it would be fun.

Now you know why Jesse Jane is the best.


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When Is a DVD NOT A DVD?:

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