What Will The Year Bring?

Harry Zimm Wishes the following for 2007

I Wish someone would buy Jesse Jane a sandwich, she looks anorexic.

I wish Kurt Lockwood would hit it big with his band, so he would leave porn forever.

I wish gay porn guys would stop crossing over, they are fuckin porn up, if you do gay porn stay there.

I wish porners would use more normal looking guys hows a guy like me supposed to project into a scene with these no neck, steroid enhanced, viagra popping meat heads?

I wish Porn Valley would release half the product with twice the quality.

I wish XBix luck, they are going to need it.

I wish the FSC would die the death it has been fighting for years.

I wish any girl who doesn’t do boy/girl would go away, if you don’t fuck you shouldn’t be in porn.

I wish Rob Black, Mark Handel (Kahn Tusion), and Max Hardcore would go down on assault and battery charges, then get sued for reckless endangerment.

I wish my buddy Mike South gets inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

I wish his friend Goddess would get over her Cops obsession.

I wish just 10% of the people who call themselves “directors” would take a single film class at UCLA

I wish the Britney Spears sex tape would hurry up and come out

I wish Luke Ford would find his soul mate, assuming he has a soul.

I wish the government would just leave me the fuck alone to do as I please with my life.

I wish more politicians would follow Bob Barr to the Libertarian Party

I wish Newt Gingrich would choke on his own tongue, thus curtailing HIS free speech

I wish Tim and Felicia Fox a happy healthy baby

I wish Wankus would just go away

I wish Sharon Mitchell would get a REAL diploma

Speaking of I wish AVN would quit calling her Dr Sharon Mitchell Phd, it’s poor form and incorrect grammar even if she were one.

I wish Derek Hay would be sent back to the UK permanently

I wish Eva Angelina would do me

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

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What Will The Year Bring?

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