I Think I Am Being Stalked:

And no, it isn’t that Goddess chick. I mean what are the chances that I would go to Toronto only to learn that A-Dell would be there the same days? Not only that, the first night in town I figure to drop by Preggos for a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat and guess who is sitting there? I think she has my fishoing rod bugged or something.

But now its time to dissuade the rumors once and for all about who kisses whose ass in this stalker/stalkee relationship

Eat your heart out Y’all!

More Mail

Hey Bro,

Hope you are having fun, catching alots of fish. Saw the pics of your new friend from AL very very pretty its a shame she is blind lol.


P.S. Mandy sends a big hug

And More

Hey South,

Fuck the fish! Who is this Tiffany? She is unfuckingbelieveable, we want more of her.

And Finally

Honorable Round Eye Mike South,

We at the Korean Dwy Cleaner Anti-Defamation League notice that bronde porn girls Jesse Jane and Devon finarry have new DP Tonight coming on tonight. We still want to se aderra titties and we not stop until we acheive victory. We considering holding annual convention in Tampa during Tampa Show, we first must make sure that head round eye Jewn not babysitting bronde girls Jesse and Devon. You must make sure Aderra babysit.

PS Bring Bronde girl Tiffany, she hotter than steam pressing room in death valley in August..



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I Think I Am Being Stalked:

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