Jesse Jane… I Finally Figured It Out:

Ever since I met jesse I knew she reminded me of someone, I just never could put my finger on it. Lots of people think Angelina Jolie but thats not it aside from the lips they look nothing alike.

Tonight I pulled out an old James bond movie, The second one where Roger Moore assumed the role…”The Man With The Golden Gun” and there she was

Britt Ekland

Jesse is a the spitting image of a young Britt Ekland, the eyes, the lips…the face…yup thats it.

OK I Don’t Get It:

What’s with all the hoopla about some degenerate gambler who has sex with some homely urban housewive on her website.

I mean does anyone REALLY care about it? Just cuz this guy came in second in some world series of poker or some such hee is now held forth as some icon of virtue?

Gimme a fuckin break y’all…

Is Alcohol Turning Men Into Women…This Study Says YES!

beer makes you turn into a chick

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Jesse Jane… I Finally Figured It Out:

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