Y’all Know I Don’t Often Run Press Releases But Sometimes There’s a Worthy One:


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June 11th, 2004
Van Nuys, CA


Digital Playground’s exclusive contract star, Jesse Jane took the cover of Toronto Star’s “Health” section on Friday, June 4th. “Stiff Competition”, by Judy Gertzel, is an article that explores the concept of “porn for couples” and Digital Playground is featured prominently. Jesse Jane was interviewed for the article while visiting Toronto on a promotional tour for http://www.ViewersChoice.CA .

“More potent than ever, pornography is now being promoted as just the thing for couples,” reads the bi-line and the text under Jesse’s cover image states, “Digital Playground’s Loaded and Jesse Jane: Erotique are heavily promoted as couples faire on Pay-Per-View.” The informative and forward thinking article explains that porn for couples has narrative and characters, not just copulation. After viewing a few Digital Playground titles, including Beat the Devil, Judy Gertzel writes, “It [porn for couples] shows women getting pleasure, stimulation and satisfaction – not just giving it. It even shows – egad! – kissing! It’s true that this is a far cry from traditional porn for men…”

On page D4 the article mentions Digital Playground’s interactive DVD’s and concludes with a request from the author, “Me, I’m waiting for interactive porn for women. You know, the one where the guy can be programmed to say, after dinner, “Why don’t you just relax while I clean up the kitchen?” Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground’s President, is elated, “the Toronto Star is a very respected and trusted source of news and with a print circulation of over 500,000 daily readers, this detailed article is positive and informative and I’m honored they chose Digital Playground to represent the movement towards “porn for couples.”

For all the intricate details about Digital Playground and Viewer’s Choice (Canada’s leader in adult programming), pick up your copy of the Toronto Star, June 4th, 2004 today, visit http://www.TorontoStar.com , http://www.ViewersChoice.CA , http://www.DigitalPlayground.com or write to [email protected].

Jesse Jane is a trademark of Digital Playground, Inc., and all rights are reserved worldwide.

It’s nice to see this biz getting this type of POSITIVE press. Something we certainly need more of with the Sharon Mitchells of the world working hard to make us all look like scumbags.

Character Is More Than Just a Part In A Movie:

I have long been convinced that over a period of time a persons true character will emerge. You just have to wait long enough for it to make an appearance. I think thats what has happened recently in porn. For all of her pretense about caring and doing what is best Sharon Mitchell has shown herself to be void of any true character that one would associate with good.

You see there is this rape trial going on in Orange County California. some guys drugged and savagely raped and sexually abuse a high school girl. One of the guys is the son of a multi millionaire sheriffs assistant. Apparently these are not very bright people, they video taped this. Now its in the middle of a very high profile trial.

Now you may ask what this has to do with Mitchell? Mitchell, fresh out of some diploma mill school over there on the left coast with a PhD. thats not worth the paper it’s printed on is offering herself up as an expert witness in this case. She claims she can tell by looking at the video that the young lady who was subjected to everything from cigarettes to snapple bottles inserted in her vagina, while she was unconscious was faking it. Of course Sharon has a long and close familiarity with faking things. She is currently faking being a Doctor, a PhD, A Public Health Specialist, a virologist and in my opinion, a human being.

But lets not forget that there was a talent meeting on the HIV thing scheduled for this week and the talent wanted Doctor Mitch, as she calls herself, present to answer some questions. It had to be cancelled because Sharon wasn’t about to go up there and answer questions. But she would have happily answered questions in Orange County, questions that would have paid her.

What a fucking disgrace, porn should be so proud to have her.

BW Claims that the picture of Adella Delicately Feeding Me Was Photoshopped!:

Says This is the Original

Ray Charles Died Yesterday:

Ray Charles died at 73 from advanced liver disease. That makes me sad, there are precious few American Music legends and we lost 2 in the last year, Johnny Cash and now Ray Charles. As best as I can figure we have 2 left alive, Bob Dylan and Randy Newman.
I got pissed today listening to some bimbo on the local Clear Channel Station WGST reporting the death. This moron actually said “Crooner Ray Charles died today….” I wanted to yank all of her blonde hair out by the dark roots. Slim Whitman was a Crooner Ray Charles was a singer and an accomplished pianist. Reminds me of that Don Henley “Dirty Laundry”

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
Comes on at five
She can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam
In her eye
It’s interesting when people die-
Give us dirty laundry

I dunno about y’all but I am betting that when God wants to hear really good music Cash and Charles are right there.

Ok so if ya got Reagan and Charles yer dead pool is good, who will be #3?

Rest In Peace Ray Charles, Georgia On My Mind will forever be associated with you, you always said that before you recorded a song you sang it to yourself to see if you could “feel it”, well your music touched millions. God bless You!


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Y’all Know I Don’t Often Run Press Releases But Sometimes There’s a Worthy One:

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