The Nubian Writes:

Well like I said earlier, as a young college boy I guess it was all our dreams to be in the Adult industry but I was serious about it. I used to”practice” with any woman I could find. This may seem weird but I sometimes had friends hiding in the closet when i met some freak. I thought this would get me used to people watching me and pressure like that. With a condom on I seem to go on forever and only 4 ladies have ever completed oral on me. It’s just hard for me to finish. I also used to go to spas and i always went for the busty ladies as I enjoyed Russian finishes. As I started researching I was reading on how difficult it is for African American Males. I also read recently about the “self imposed” restrictions the industry is putting on themselves i.e. no interracial scenes (but what I heard is that they just wouldn’t shoot BM with WF) That’s no biggie to me. I could deal with just Asian, hispanic or Black females, especially if they had large breasts as that is s
uch a turn on for me. As for experience, I’ve been with over 60 women (lost track) and those were all confirmed amateurs. If I did it now I’d have be involved on the DL unless it really took off. I’m still in decent shape. 5’9″ 200 athletic build. And I live on the East coast and I don’t know of anything happening around where I live. so that’s my story.


OK Nubian, I don’t know where you are getting your info but it’s wrong. There are no “restrictions” on inter-racial self imposed or otherwise. As for being African American…who cares? What part of Africa are you from?

It is as easy for you to enter porn as it is for any guy. The doorway is generally locked. You want a key? Get a hot girl to shoot with you, that will unlock the door, if you can’t do that forget porn, you don’t have what it takes. You think I’m kidding? Look at me…Do you think I got in because of my good looks? You want in you need the following:

The aforementioned Key

The ability to get it up

The ability to keep it up

The ability to cum when and where I tell you to.

beyond that you also mentioned that there isn’t much happening where you live? Is that the USA part or the Africa part of where you live? I presume you mean the east coast of the USA, if so that is correct. If you want a full time career as a porn stud you have to move to Los Angeles, after all that’s where porn is shot…till then, don’t quit your day job.

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The Nubian Writes:

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