On the Tera/Vivid Thing:

I am shocked, AVN came late with this story (way, late) but it appears that they have corroberated the story with Digital Playground. When I called Adella, she didn’t know anything about it and begged off and said she’d call me back. So I inform her so that she can inform AVN….And she still hasn’t called me back.

Tera and Vivid:

I have yet to hear from Adella, but I have it from a good source that Vivid intends to drop the last name and only push her as “Tera”, thus circumventing the name thing to some degree. this does not circumvent the contractual obligation issues. It could be that Vivid “bought out” her DP contract but that is just speculation on my part, but it’s plausible, I don’t see Joone and Sam at DP just rolling over.

OK I leave town and everything Goes to HELL!….Which must be Frozen Over:

In a Surprise announcement, Tera Patrick is now telling everyone that she is a Vivid Girl. According to her mouthpeice Evan Seinfeld Tera has settled all her differences with Digital Playground and has signed with Vivid. I told you guys that this was coming, I just didn’t expect the name dispute to be settled. What Evan and Tera didn’t announce is that Tera is wholly OWNED by Club Jenna.

The more I think about this the more I KNOW there is more to this story….Why would DP just roll over and give Tera the name? Why doesn’t Tera want people to know that Jenna owns her now? Why hasn’t Vivid said anything?

Curiously there is a common thread….Digital Playground’s Lawyer? Club Jenna’s Lawyer? Vivid’s Lawyer?
Guess who….Paul Cambria….for all of the above.

Are there any recent photos of Tera that DON’T have her LEECH attached to her?

I have a call in to Adella.

In an even MORE Surprising Announcement:

It seems that Tim Connelly has brought peace between AVN and Rob Black, After Rob attacked Tim last week on Gene Ross’s website. They are now saying that Rob, Tommy and Paul Fishbein have agreed to let bygones be bygones. AVN will now accept advertising from Rob.

This makes NO sense to me at all. AVN had damn near established it’s objective of successfully shunning Rob out of porn, and now they welcome him back with open arms? I guess next they will re-hire Gene Ross….I guess it really is impossible to flunk out of porn.

Let me ask you guys in porn who read this site; Is this REALLY who we want to align ourselves with? Rob Black is singularly more dangerous to us as pornographers than John Ashcroft ever will be, and we are just going to welcome him back into the fold? Is this not the worst depiction of the enemy of my enemy must be my friend mentality? Have the people at AVN learned NOTHING? Rob brought this on himself and now we are inviting him to bring it on the industry as a whole?

Is there no one in porn that has any balls? Am I the only guy who will stand up and say hey I think that mother fucker SHOULD be in jail? Not for Obscenity but for a whole laundry list of other jailable offenses.

Rob and Gene personally attacked, maligned and slandered Paul Fishbein, Mark Kernes and numerous others at AVN and this is how he gets rewarded? Has everyone lost their fucking minds?

Don’t get me wrong, Paul and AVN have every right to forgive anyone they want to for any reason, but what kind of reflection is this on the rest of us who followed AVNs lead. The performers who refused to work for Extreme and Evolution because they knew it was a slap in the face to AVN for them to do so. And what about those who WERE shunned out of the biz because they stuck with Extreme?

What about the fact that Rob and the boys at Extreme completely fucked almost everyone in porn out of money?

To say I am disappointed is a gross understatement.

While I am on Things I Don’t Understand:

Why is it that nobody has picked up Felicia Fox and contracted her? She is all natural, even her hair isn’t extensions. She is hot as fish grease, she is dependable and she would make a helluva representative for a porn company. Do porners actually WANT chicks they have to babysit? I don’t get it.

10410cookie-checkOn the Tera/Vivid Thing:

On the Tera/Vivid Thing:

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