The Battle For The Perfect Venue:

Word I get is that Carly Milne over at Pure Play Media (Thats Seymore Butts, Suze Randall and Michael Ninn) has booked a party for Expo at a hot club in Vegas, they are having this shindig on Thurs night, the first night of the show. Apparently LFP/Hustler wanted the same venue for the same night, claiming no other was suitable and LFP tried to throw their weight around to get Pure Play booted…All to no avail.

When I called Carly she wouldn’t name any names but did confirm that Pure Play is gonna throw a BIG Invite only Party on the first night and that they did have the best venue in Vegas booked for it. Its an invite only shindig. OK I better get an invite.

Mark Kernes Answers My Question (Well I Might Add):

You wrote:

<< Hey Mark..I’m not trying to beat up on the FSC (That’s Coming Later Actually) but howcum they aren’t all over this…This is one they could win.>>

I think the problem is that it’s too early. There are two ways to go to court: A substantive challenge and an as-applied challenge. For reasons too technical to go into here, the industry lawyers have decided against a substantive challenge on the merits of the regulation. There actually was a case filed way back in the early ’90s or late ’80s — I’m a bit hazy on it — that (I think) challenged the whole labeling/recordkeeping concept, and I think we either lost that outright or came to some agreement with the (Reno) Justice Department that everything before a certain date (July 3, 1995) didn’t have to conform to the regulations; that stuff was all exempt, and records would have to be kept only on new productions, which everyone knew would be a pain in the ass… But do-able. It also kept everybody’s catalog intact, where a lot of producers make their real money.

I think what’ll happen now is, attorneys are ready for that first bust — which I think will happen shortly after the new regs go into effect, but hasn’t happened yet. At that point, the Justice Department will have tipped its hand as to what it’s looking for and how it’s going to go about it — how closely it will try to follow these extremely complex (and in some cases internally contradictory) regulations — and the lawyers will have an actually injured defendant that they can argue on behalf of. As-applied challenges are often easier to win than substantive challenges; the former deals with the specific facts of a case, which decision can be far-reaching, whereas a substantive challenge is all about arguing theories of law, and that can be very difficult.


Adella Says She Is NOT A Porkchop:

hi mike,

thanks for all the love on your site – i’m flattered by the marriage proposals. Jesse Capps is very sexy and very cowboy and right up my alley. You, on the other hand, are one hell of a good time, a constant challenge and one of my favorite people in the world. You are also a porn star of sorts and you run a site and line entitled southern bukkake with which i will have no affiliation. i am looking forward to fishing and diving with you while the rest of the industry toils away at Internext. I’m quite confident that your boat will be renamed “Digital Playground”. The dingy can get “pure play” lettering, if Carly isn’t too afraid to show up. Richard Arnold should definitely be made aware of the competition so Carly’s vacation time isn’t used on the trip.

in rebuttal to your published comments, i would like to make a few points…

1.) I am NOT a pork chop
2.) I am NOT a prize that can be won at the county fair
3.) I am NOT available for sale to the highest bidder

And when it comes to sweet talk, Mr. Rock Confidential Dot Com is winning.

Sorry Mike. Step it up baby!



Digital Playground
(818) 376-8488
(818) 376-8489 fax

ME? SWEET TALK? Surely you jest…..I will say this you are not a pork chop, You ARE a prize (If for no other reason than look at what your PR skills did for DP.) you are not for sale, prizes are won, not sold. It is also not lost on me that A Dell PR guru that she is has turned this from me saying I think I am being targeted as a husband to I have proposed to her….Y’all pay attention, that’s why she is unmatched in PR.

Now a couple of notes to Jewn and Richard. I expect to see Carly in Mexico Beach with Adella and Jesse Jane in a couple of weeks and I expect to see A-Dell in Tampa, dancing turkeys ain’t always hens ya know.


Scoop From Hollywood:

You read it here FIRST Ryan Seacrest is officially cancelled….whoever that is…Jasons Brother maybe?

Ok I Don’t Normally Do This Sort of Thing BUT:

Today I am making an exception because it’s for a friend.

You see Debbie Matenopoulos is best friends with Julie and Julie is one of my best friends, the result is I am friends with Debbie too. Debbie has always been very nice to me, she is a complete doll, very funny with an infectious personality.

Debbie has been on Good Day Live a few times lately and is apparently up for a job there.

So all y’all do me a favor and email em and tell em how great Debbie is and she should be on the show, they do read the emails.

I thank you for your support


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The Battle For The Perfect Venue:

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