Don’t Pay the ransom, she escaped!:

I just got off the phone with Adella.who may have the toughest job in all of porn right now. It seems I didn’t get anything wrong in my coverage so far, thanks for giving me a yell Adella, you know I adore ya.

I am not generally one to watch the Tera Show anymore but I think I’m a gonna tune in tonight, when I asked Adella who would be the guest host she totally ducked my question. When I pressed she said “It will be business as usual” I said no way Tera is hosting the show tonight and she begged off.

Here is what I think will happen I think Devon will be the host, that’s an even money bet…As for what else I suspect Samantha Lewis may make a rare appearance and make a statement…that’s a long shot but it’s possible. The Tera Show will most likely have its largest audience EVER. and it can be viewed from this site, just click on the Live Feeds Link.

Given that the audience will likely be very large I think this would be a good time to put Samantha in front of the camera to make a statement because everyone would cover it and it’s in DPs “house” and a lot of people would tune in just to get a glimpse of Samantha (She is a hottie trust me and she is rich to boot)

Hey Adella…I’m vying for that top PR position and putting Sam in front of the camera tonight is GENIUS and you know it…

More on Evan/Tera:

From someone who knows:

The official story I heard re: Evan from a friend over at Playboy is that the studios where they shoot such high-quality shows as Nightcalls 411 now has a new policy instituted where all “unnecessary extras” are disallowed on set thanks to an incident that stemmed from Evan’s mania during a recent taping of 411. Apparently he was very disruptive, and seeing as it’s a live show, they couldn’t really have that going on. And seeing as Tera is such the big star, they didn’t want to say that boyfriends weren’t allowed on set, because that would call attention to the fact that it was his actions that caused the policy change. So they’re trying to be diplomatic about the whole thing.

This is consistent with everything I have heard about Evan, guys like him are the reason that most of us don’t allow boyfriends on the set.

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Don’t Pay the ransom, she escaped!:

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