Dateline, Grapevine, Texas:

Joe Bob Briggs weighs in:

“He’s the hope of the great unwashed. LITERALLY the great unwashed — he usually looks like he just crawled out of a Goodwill Box, and his costars have occasionally complained about his hygiene. In some cases women won’t have sex with him unless his whole body is shaved first. (We see this fairly gruesome process taking place in the movie. It takes two guys to do it.)”

Who’s he talkin about? Ron Jeremy of course! Read the whole thing here!

Just Damn….Adell:

Who claims to have learned to talk in Texas just asked me who “Joe Bob” is…thats blasphemy. I hearby vote we revoke her Lone Star Beer privilges and remand her to a life time of watching “Urban Cowboy”.

7410cookie-checkDateline, Grapevine, Texas:

Dateline, Grapevine, Texas:

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