The Devil Dies at age 85: Mercedes McCambridge

You knew her as the voice of the demon possessed Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”

OK It Pains Me to Have to Do This (Not Really), Time to Educate the FSC: From AVN:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The problem that the adult industry constantly faces, the lack of definition in obscenity laws, is the same problem those in media and entertainment are facing in light of the recent FCC crackdown, according to the chairman of the Free Speech Coalition.

He suggested that the current concept of “community standards” made it virtually impossible to tell what is or is not obscene while on a panel discussing the recent FCC crackdown at the Beverly Bar Association yesterday. The panel was titled “The New Censorship: The FCC, The Justice Department and You.”

Ok I know that being a first amendment lawyer and all that one wouldn’t expect him to know that the FCC doesn’t use the obscenity standard when it regulates what is permissible to broadcast over the public airwaves. It uses a much different, and mre restrictive, standard called indecency.

This is the problem with the FSC, they go off half cocked, they rant about things they should know but don’t and they have NO financial accountability. Ask yourself what have they done for you lately? Hell ask what they have done for you ever?

I am sure that the point that the FCC is cracking down is valid but you better know what it is they are cracking down ON and how does this apply to porners and the scope of the FSC anyhow? Oh wait I forgot the FSC, in scope, goes wherever they can spende the most money…ooops did I say that?

When will this embarassment of an organisation be led out to pasture and shot.



A Wake Up Call? I Doubt It…Will This Be A Porner in the Near Future?

(March 17, 2004) — Larry A. Vought accidentally killed the mother of his two children during consensual rough sex, his lawyer said today.
In his opening statement to jurors in the Monroe County Court trial of Vought, who is charged with second-degree murder in the August death of Leilani Fracassi, defense lawyer Joseph S. Damelio conceded that Vought asphyxiated Fracassi.

For the male talent out there asphyxiated means “Choked out” this time out for the rest of her life…..

Is Nic Andrews OUT at Digital Playground?

Word on the street is that Nic is no longer in the employ of Digital Playground, sources tell me that his contract was up for renewal and Digital Playground wasn’t in a Rush to give him a merit increase, matter of fact they were Loaded to see that some of his benefits were Stripped, the net being Nic walked. Where will he land? Who knows maybe Scott Taylor wants him back….naaaah!

Ok Maybe I eat crow on this one, Adella says it’s not accurate that Nic is still in the employ of DP and all is well….O well It woulda been a good scoop. I am allowed one fuck up per year and I reckon this was it, my aplogies to Nic and DP ….

Luke Ford Writes on Adultbeat:

I called Adella Wednesday night. “Nic Andrews has a home at Digital Playground,” she says, “and Mike South is full of shit. That’s my official comment.”

And Tim Case Writes:

Dear Mike…

Okay, you two — this has gone on longer than Sam and Dianne…why don’t the two of you just get it over with, willya?

Had it with the porno mating dance…

Tim Case

OK THATS funny!

Now A-Dell Chimes In:

you fell into mike’s trap on this one baby.
a squeaky wheel gets grease.
you lubed him with 14 point service when you delivered your email.
In reference to Rock Confidentials’ “The Dumbing Down of the American Male” – please tell me, we aren’t a nation of Beavis and Buttheads!

Just Damn!

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The Devil Dies at age 85: Mercedes McCambridge

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