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Time to rattle A-Dell-a’s cage!

I stopped by the local smut emporium yesterday and while browsing the shelves I came across a copy of Rush. If you remember this Digital Playground Movie genereted a bit

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A-dell-a responds:

You really are a dork – a serious lack of southern california sun stunted your social skills… I’m just kidding. Really. That was hysterical. Here’s a pic of Tera to

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Spinning Wheel, Got to Go Round:

I haven’t spoken with Adella, but I am sure I will at some point today. Though Adella had this to say: “Tera’s done three movies in three years. She doesn’t

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Adella Responds:

From mikesouth.com earlier today: ” Tera and Devon are considered by us to be too good to socialize with other people in porn, except when we need them to help

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Harry Weiss THE PR God, chimes in:

Mike, I consider Adella of DP a friend and respect the PR work she has done. However, the Devon attacks Serenity incident sounds an awful lot like the “Skeeter Kerkove

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DP Day Part Deaux

I just got the damage control call from my dear friend Adella who assures me that Janine DOES do anal, the reason they billed it as her first virtual anal

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JMT Responds:

It came back somewhere from 30 to 45 minutes after it went out. At the very end, they had her read an effusive, gushingly complimentary e-mail, purportedly from Collins. The

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From My ECVS 2001 Galleries

Yes they are talking to each other….Really! (Left to Right Me and Adella, Some Porn Chick, Me and Mark Kernes, Some Porn Chick and Samantha)  Digital Playground Poll   Who

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Happy Birthday Adella.

Yep today is Adella’s 40th birthday and any minute I expect a press release detailing how Tera made it all possible, baked the birthday cake, thought up the recipe for

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