Who’da thunk it? That I’d get SO much mileage out of a freakin clothespin…Aaaron has unmasked the C47 man:

Aaron do you know Curious per chance?


Is this some odd C-47 fetish?



The C-47 is, of course, a clothes pin used to attach diffusion, gels, etc to the barndoors of video/film lights. You can actually order “real” C-47’s


Who describe them as:

Penley Corporation. 40 Count Bag, Waxed and Polished Hard Wood. Heavy Gauge Galvanized Spring. N0-Slip Finger Grip Ends. Used to attach gels
and diffusion to lighting fixtures and barn doors. Made in U.S.A.

Usually ships the same business day.


It occurs to me that, at least in the world of porn, they can do double-duty as props to attach to various body parts (perhaps making them worth “twice-the-price”). Although I would highly recommend letting them cool when transporting from barndoor to body.

BTW: There is an even more obscure term for these little devils. One that only the hardest hard-core (pun intended) lighting/grip gurus dare to

Stop reading know if you don’t want to learn the horrible secret….

The C-47 is also know as the “#1 Wood Clamp”.

As to the origins of the term “C-47″… I don’t have a clue. And up ’til now I didn’t care. But now (damn you Mike South) this unanswered question bores at my brain like some 6” alien worm-like virus thing. With sharp teeth. And lots of them. So I’ll find out.


PS – I don’t know what scares me more: I know what a C-47 is. That I care enough to find out where the damn term came from. Or that I actually read &respond these posts on your site. The horror… The horror….

Ok. Here’s what I’ve uncovered so far.

The consensus is that “C-47″ was a catalogue number from some expendables house similarly used to disguise the mundane reality of the tool from a
money pinching, micro-managing producer, as when the (same) producer rejected the DP’s request for a gear head, the DP replied, ” Okay, I’d like
a Worrel head.”

Not knowing what it was, the producer granted the request.

Am I getting warm…?

On a related tangent – What if someone ordered a C-47 and a transport plane plane showed up? What if they ordered a box of C-47’s…? Now that wouldmake for an impressive line item.



do i always have to be the one who knows this shit? what do I look like, a fountain of fucking meaningless unimportant knowledge? The Encyclopaedia of Trivial Bullshit? The man who knows a lot about nothing, but nothing about a lot (that’s important?)


A c-47?

A freakin’ clothespin????


PS the next time Harry Weiss opens his pie hole about something he knows nothing about (which shouldn’t take too long), tell him to run it by me first. I’ll save him some embarassment.

a cargo plane… puhleez.

from Steve:

A C-47 is a spring clothespin that’s been taken apart and put back together, but inside-out. The flat handle end is now the jaws of the clip; it’s used to hold gel and diffusion to lighting instruments.

You could just as easily use a regular clothespin, but regular clothespins are also used for holding clothes to clotheslines, and so are not tax-deductible as film making expendables.

I don’t know of anyone who actually uses C-47s; everybody uses clothespins and _calls_ them C-47s. IIRC, the designation ‘C-47’ is a catalogue number, probably from Mole-Richardson’s Expendables catalogue (might be Matthews, not sure).

Even Adella knew it was a clothes pin, presumeably she was told by Nic Andrews who also aske this question….which doesn’t surprise me “Where is an F Stop Found”….

Whoat nobody knew was how the C47 got its name.

According to my film professor, a PhD at Emory Film School (Which means he knows everything there is to know about good films and bad films without having ever made a film, good or bad) the lowly clothespin was not acceptable on a film budget back oin the old days, the idea was everyone has them at home, bring them yourself. Clothespins at the time were 47 cents per 100. Now you know the rest of the story.

Nobody has yet successfully Identified the guy in the photo…geez I figured Zupko would bow down and worship….answer tomorrow.

5210cookie-checkWho’da thunk it? That I’d get SO much mileage out of a freakin clothespin…Aaaron has unmasked the C47 man:

Who’da thunk it? That I’d get SO much mileage out of a freakin clothespin…Aaaron has unmasked the C47 man:

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