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JimmyD Remembers Toby Dammit

This was written by James DiGiorgio, better known in the biz as JimmyD. I found out today I lost a good friend. A close friend. A long-time friend. His name

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It’s All JimmyD’s Fault

Tim Case and I were talking the other night and it occured to Tim that porn really started going to hell at the same time JimmyD cut his hair. (The

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JimmyD Updates Us On Porn Valley

Hehhee… i cut all my hair off just day before yesterday. I look like your basic, middle-aged, insurance salesman. (Except when I’m riding my Harley… then, I look like a

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JimmyD Is Still Funny

I want everyone to know I didn’t have a funnybonectomy. My funny bone is intact and remains where’s it’s always been. According to Tim Case, I ceased being funny when

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JimmyD Goes Metro

Metrosexual that is This is JimmyD back when he was a mans man, when he was funny, then he cut his hair and Harry Weiss became funnier, then he grew

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SimplyJimmyD is Simply Back:

JimmyD is back to updating, and I for one welcome him…the new site look pretty good too, wordpress template or not.. Steve Writes: The one thing that is also happening

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JimmyD Writes:

Ok. First things first and I’ll get the “Amen,” as it pertains to respect and a Rodney Dangerfield-ish lack of it thereof, out of the way. Whew. I feel better.

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Whatever Happened To Quazarman?:

Me N Tim Case were discussing this today, we even kinda miss the transplanted Canadian (Now proud US Citizen. Best as I can figure he was hanging around with JimmyD

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BT Writes:

Okay, Mike, I’m not a rocket scientist, but apparently Tara Moon is. Happened to see an interview with her on Luke’s site, where she claims she got a degree in

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XXX Writes:

I’d like to voice my opinions to you, but I’m fairly certain that my ass will get REALLY fired should those opinions show up on a website. It feels cowardly

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Candy Cane Writes:

Mike, It wasnt that far back that I wrote to you and shared my views on the current state of the porn industry. I even went as far as suggesting

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And Jennifer Writes: Mike, I want to say that you have my upmost respect for stating that you would report the pornographer who is trying to recruit underage girls to

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JimmyD Ain’t a Dumbass or a Turncoat:

From Todays USA Today. Porn director, church makes PSA against porn for kids LOS ANGELES (AP) — Just because he makes his living directing pornographic films doesn’t mean James DiGiorgio

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From SimplyJimmyD.com:

MikeSouth.com: Mike is a Southern boy who makes porn in that part of the country. His site is a combination porn news-and-gossip site and subscription based smut site. Mike lives

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JimmyD gets ambushed:

Hi Mike, I’m JimmyD’s partner and I just dropped by to say, damn you did a great job on your review of Rush. I got one you missed.. “You aren’t

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Italians at war?

The production team of JimmyD (That’s James DiGiorgio to youse guys) and Rob Spallone is but a memory. Rumors have it that the riff was over about 3K, others say

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