From Mike is a Southern boy who makes porn in that part of the country. His site is a combination porn news-and-gossip site and subscription based smut site. Mike lives three-thousand miles away from Porn Valley which probably accounts for his willingness to take on many of porn’s inhabitants with his stories with little consideration given to possible consequences. Where he gets his info from is something I often wonder. It’s obvious he has some well-placed touts on this side of the country. Mike comes closer than any other site comes to dishing up the shit without compromising or considering the story’s potential impact on him. For the most part, Mike doesn’t seem to give a shit what anyone thinks of him or about what he writes, and personally, I respect that rebel attitude. While Mike doesn’t update as much as others do (much like myself), he answers to no one but himself and that makes the text of his site quite refreshing. While I like to think that I, myself, write with little consideration to my writings’ impact on my position in this industry, the truth is I sometimes must consider my career first. Mike rarely seems to do that.

Thanks JimmyD, yer right of course, at least about most of it. I rarely have to kiss ass but sometimes I do anyway, even though I don’t much like the taste it leaves in my mouth.

I think you pegged it though on why my readers keep coming back, It may just be my opinion but I believe and I ain’t big on backin down when I think I got my teeth into some deserving asshole.

Yer still a funnier writer…

BTW I could update more but cutting and pasting from other sites ala adultfyi and adultbeat just aint my style, once in a while if its funny or reflects my POV accurately.



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