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It wasnt that far back that I wrote to you and shared my views on the current state of the porn industry. I even went as far as suggesting that people go the extra mile and include a political message in their videos.

JimmyD did a good thing. Its about time that we show the public and the very politicans who accuse us of being a sick and depraved industry that we are the exact opposite. It is time that we stop worrying about including our little FBI Warning for copyright infringement and worry about including our own PSAs on our DVDs. Hell, even pro wrestling includes ads that tell kids to not try this at home.

So, I stand here, before you and the industry I love and I challenge the entire industry to start including this practice. Include PSAs, political information on civil rights, etc… on every DVD sold and on every web site. We demand our right to freedom of expression. With it comes much responsiblity. So tell me how a jury can convict a producer of obscene material being exposed to minors when the first thing customers see is “Keep Porn out of childrens hands.”

The gonzo crowd can make it happen. Shit, DP and the like have the money to even advertise on TV. That would be such positive PR for them as well. They would be sending a positive meesage about protecting the children and they also get their name out there that people may not otherwise know it exists. Imagine the increased sales. Fuck, imagine the increased defensibility in a court of law. It works for Budweiser, why not for Porn?

Think I still have a future in this business? 🙂

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Candy Cane Writes:

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