It’s All JimmyD’s Fault

Tim Case and I were talking the other night and it occured to Tim that porn really started going to hell at the same time JimmyD cut his hair. (The First Time)

It was at the same time that he quit being funny, then he grew it back and porn seemed to pick back up a bit. but he has recently cut it short, to the point he now looks like “an insurance salesman” he said. And look at where porn is now…In the toilet.  AVN has laid off 14-16 people, ad revenues are down, DVD sales are down 40% and more and every one in porn is trying to figure out a new way to steal…I mean make…money.

Maybe they need to nab JimmyD, just as short skirts portend a bull market apparently the length of JimmyD’s whispy hair portends trouble for the biz.

20540cookie-checkIt’s All JimmyD’s Fault

It’s All JimmyD’s Fault

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  1. Thanks a lot! Now I have people calling me asking me to grow my hair back!

    Interestingly, I seem to get more work when my hair is shorter. Why my hair, leastwise its length, is some kind of porn barometer is something I cannot explain.

    A few years ago, when I still authored my simplyjimmyd blog, I loudly predicted porn’s coming doldrums. Back then, when I was predicting the current state of the porn union, people were bashing me saying I didn’t know WTF I was talking about. I hate being so right. In fact, in this case, I really hate being right.

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