And Jennifer Writes:


I want to say that you have my upmost respect for stating that you would report the pornographer who is trying to recruit underage girls to do porn on their 18th B-day. I hope you do find out who he is. It’s the guys like him who make all of us look very, very bad.

Jennifer Leigh
Manager for Trisha Uptown

Jennifer I won’t just report him, I will lead the feds to his front door.

And Tony Writes:

Very good article, a few problems with the industry one is graphic spam . I get a email box full of graphic pics of all kinds of sexual activity. This really fuels the fire against us all, people dont say oh that the internet porn has to go they say porn has to go. Someone is sitting with their kid and says lets see if Gransdma sent that pic to us. Instead there are pics of some chick having every hole filled. It’s not a case of you dont want to look at it dont buy it anymore, its a case of it being jammed in the publics face. The sad thing is the companies that are sending this shit out are here in the good old USA , its not like you can say well it comes from Russia or Europe there nothing we can do. The problem is with the whole adult industry online and video is they only live for today. Lets make the quick buck today and who cares about tomorrow. No one thinks down the road or cares for that matter I think and that will truly be our downfall.

Now on a happier note, I have now known you and shot for you for close to a year. I want to thank you for being a good friend and great mentor.

Your V.P. of Worry


Tny I am proud to call you and Mandy my friends!

And From Steve at LVNI:

Hey Mike,
A little more on Jimmyd. I had the pleasure of being a delegate at the Clark County Democratic Convention here in Vegas last weekend. (told you I was getting more involved.) In between talking to congressmen, State Senators and Senate aides about taxes on small businesses, I got to talk at length about this FCC issue. Many feel that bill won’t make it out of the Senate, let alone the Supreme Court. I mentioned that the adult industry actually has rewards out for child porn, that the majority don’t want children to see it, that there are many more women business owners etc. If Jimmy D makes a “Don’t let your kids watch porn” PSA. Good for him. If he gets some PR out of it, good for him again. For those that criticize him, it’s your right to do so but, you’re wrong. Maybe if we put that PSA at the front of every DVD like we do the FSC, it may smarten a few parents up. There’s a lot of dirty little secrets I’ve learned with 12 years in this industry, glad we can add that 18 year old recruitment guy. Don’t think times are changing? LVNI girl Christi Lake is going to Texas. A radio station down there said they’d love to have her on but that the program director cut any references to sex on the station, so they couldn’t. Pass another ass milkshake.

JimmyDs PSA at the front of every porn…now thats a great idea!

Bob Writes:

Hey, Mike: I’ve been buried with work lately, and am just now catching up on your site. Your essay on responsibility and porn — “It’s time to tell it like it is” — is excellent.
Rob Black cleaning up his act, on the eve of trial, feels to me like the atheist who comes to Jesus before the plane crashes. It never hurts to hedge your bets.

I think when we look back, the night Janet Jackson flashed us during the Super Bowl is going to turn out to be a watershed event. People, even people like me who enjoy porn, said: All right, all ready. Enough.

Jimmy D is right. There’s a time and a place. The First Amendment is not threatened by pointing that out.

Likewise, your “rants” about the degredation and violence in much of current porn is just out of line. And it’s out of line because it involves other people.

Free Speech, the right to say, right, and even film what you want is a precious right. The right to say, write, and even film stupid, outrageous, and irresponsible things is a precious right, and it too ought to be fiercly protected.

But there is a point where you cross a line. To me, that line is crossed when the things you film become criminal. And film is different from standing on a street corner screaming at the top of your lungs or even writing stupid things on paper.

The difference is that it involves other people. Rob Black can’t film his artistic vision, his free speech, without the cooperation of real live people. And just to say that they are consenting adults doesn’t cut it with me. Carry that argument to its logical extension, and snuff films would be a legal expression of free speech if you had a person willing to be snuffed.

You laugh. Ask yourself this: would it be legal for Rob Black to pay a Buddhist monk to douse himself with gasoline and light a match to protest our involvement in Iraq while the cameras rolled? Why wouldn’t that be a free expression of political speech, both on Rob Black’s part and the part of the monk who commits suicide?

Would it be legal for Rob Black to pay one of Jack Kevorkian’s patients to allow him to film an assisted-suicide, or to pay a depressed friend money to allow him to film him as he sticks his head in the oven and turns on the gas? Why wouldn’t that be a free expression of views on the need for care for the mentally or terminally ill.

My point is that there have to be lines you don’t cross, especially when crossing those lines involve other people. Even people who are giving consent.

I’m an adult. I enjoy porn. But I don’t want my 14-year-old daughter watching it, and I sure as hell don’t want her hanging out with 14-year-old boys who are growing up on repeated viewings of “Forced Entry.”


PS — And if Veronica Caine’s performance in Forced Entry was such a great, liberating act — as Veronica and Lizzy claimed at the time — tell me: what’s happened to Veronica. She seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

I agree totally, like yelling fire in a crowded theater, when it becomes a crime, it is no longer protected free speech.

And Lisa:

Dear Mikey,

It pleases me to see you take up this issue, I know that it is something you have felt very strongly about for a long time.

When I met you I had no idea what to expect I only know that what I got I never could have expected.

I was a student when I met Mikey I was afraid but curious about the industry and I wanted to do a class project that was more edgy than the others at my college, so I chose porn and being in Atlanta, Mikey was it.

I had the opportunity to work for him as a P A, I sat in on interviews and I saw how he conducted himself with the girls both on and off camera. I learned that even though bukkake and boy girl on camera may not be right for me, many of my sisters enjoy it and are empowered by it. I was anti-porn when I met Mikey I am not any more. I am proud to tell people of my work with Mikey and I am proud to call him my closest friend.

Mikey, you asked a few weeks ago how it is that you get the quality of girls that you do, why would someone like Jesse Jane date you. I will tell you why. It is the same reason that I do, it is because you are intelligent and you are the kindest, warmest, and most decent man I have ever met.

I want you to put this on your website because I want the people in your industry to know that you aren’t just blowing smoke I can attest that you live what you preach.

Love You, Lisa

PS when I get back from Kansas can we got out?

Lisa turns 25 today and I want to wish her a happy birthday! When you return from Kansas this week, we will absolutely go out! I love ya Lisa yer the best!

And My Buddy Dallas Writes:

Greetings from Bangkok where I should be out banging Thai hotties, (and will be later tonight) but no, I am in an internet cafe reading your freakin’ site. It’s worse than crack I tell you. One of these days they may find me turning cheap tricks on the street for 5 minutes of internet time so I can read your site… And that’s just wrong.

“the only thing that we cannot lose, that cannot be taken away from us, is our character. some people call it God, I call it a compass.”

Amen. I call it purpose, some here call it Dharma. Whatever it is, it’s only when you ignore it do you lose your way.

Later Bro,

Thanks I am pleased with the show of support we are receiving here, please keep it coming, LOTS of people read this site and I want every one of them to know what YOU think!

Richard Writes:


I have followed the situation on your site regarding the divide in the porn community over Jimmy D doing PSA’s about keeping kids away from porn. So the folks who are against Jimmy D doing this are FOR kids getting hold of porn? I would really be interested to hear Mr. Ross or Douglas explain their position.


About free speech…there isn’t any. Someone always pays, it’s just a matter of who and how much. Let me preface this by telling your readers I do not work in porn. I am in regular network television. Would you like to hear some of the things that have happened because one singer tried to revive a flagging career by flashing her saggy breast for 2 seconds?


I now have a 6-page list of things we are not allowed to show. This is in addition to the things that normally forbidden in prime time. Such things as shots that “emphasize a female breasts or buttocks” or “gestures that may be construed as sexual”.” Any language that is sexual, racist, degrading or otherwise inappropriate”.

A tad vague, wouldn’t you agree?


You see Mr. Douglas, I am already living your wish. Obscenity and indecency, have been defined and the definition is : Whatever a person with the power decides indecency is at that given moment. Simple as that.

That sir is what you are asking for. You want the government to define obscenity…you sure won’t like that version of Webster’s Dictionary. Because it AIN’T gonna include a whole lot of your industry’s tamer aspects, much less jamming a shit covered dick in a 18 year old’s mouth and choking her.

I spend hours on end trying to decide if there is anything obscene, indecent, and offensive, degrading, in my show. Wasted time that could go to more creative things.


America is getting tired of sex being jammed in their face. Endless spam touting “buttfucking teens drinking piss while riding unicycles”, the Super Bowl Nipplegate, sports stars in a constant parade on Court TV, local news doing “investigative report on child molesters in YOUR neighborhood tonight at 11!”

If Gene Ross is such a film scribe/shill, I have a question for him. Gene, you know what the #1 movie is right now? A movie about Jesus Christ. On it’s way to being the highest grossing film ever. One of the best selling book series? “Left Behind”, about the rapture. Every Podunk town in the country is trying to install the 10 Commandments in every courthouse, outhouse and drive thru they can get it in. Fighting gay marriage and outlawing a woman’s right to control her own body.

There is a moral shift happening in America and it isn’t shifting toward Rob Black’s cinematic achievements. Which make Ed Wood look like Martin Scorsese.


I like porn. I like seeing beautiful, naked women. I like having the option to watch porn or not watch it. I like the power of choice and this little affair with Rob Black is going to most likely end up limiting my power to decide what I can watch or not watch. And dissing Jimmy D for trying to inject some semblance of adult responsibility and clarity to the issue serves no one. Not even you.


Jimmy D is on the right track. He apparently is trying to keep from being on the sinking ship you guys are riding on, the USS 3 Blind Mice. Mike South has been saying for a long time that porn needs to police itself before someone else comes in and does it for them. Should Jimmy D succeed in staving off a full-fledged attack on the adult industry, unfortunately he will have saved your sorry asses along with his.



Thanks Brother, its good to hear from guys in the trenches of real television and your points are dead on the money.

We Got Adella on the team Too:

i had the honor of lunching with jimmy d yesterday.
yeah, he blew off barbara walters, oprah and jay leno to dine with me.
he understands something that many people (not just in the adult industry – but in every walk of life) don’t understand.

the only thing that we cannot lose, that cannot be taken away from us, is our character.
some people call it God, I call it a compass.

that compass has directed me to this industry.
and i’m proud to be here.
not to degrade women, but to free women.

because we have been “the world’s nigger” (was that really john lennon?) and as much as i support our constitutional rights (and that includes Rob Black), i cannot help but think that the portrayal of the degradation of women supports and furthers that idea.

In closing, I thank God that I am “the world’s nigger” because if you noticed, women aren’t out there making, selling or paying for sex videos portraying the degradation of men.

would you rather be fueled by character or by hate?

yeah, me too.

love to you mike and to you jimmy and to all the fine people i know who also choose character

shameless plugs and props to digital playground.


I want to hear from everyone on the team or not EMAIL ME

JimmyD Writes:

Damn. Fucking damn!!!! I smell a revolution brewing. And interestingly, I just put up, before reading your shit, some stuff that talks about some of the exact same thing… Only dude, you took it to a way higher level. Hats off to you mikey. Maybe you aint such a hillbilly after all.


JimmyD I hope you are right. I hope that theres a lot of people in this biz like you and I who are tired of being mie-represented, we don’t like what is happening in this biz and we are ready to stand up and say FUCK YOU to the Gene Ross’s the Rob Blacks and the people ready to canonize them. If Tim over at AVN wants to make Rob Black the poster boy for this biz let me be the first to denounce it and say that I don’t support the little piece of shit.

Gene Ross, Porn’s Biggest LOSER!

He takes me to task for using enjoin when I should have used join, saying he didn’t take sides….Ok you fucking cowardly, dirtbag, this is how it works, when you run an opinion under your fucking byline, unless you declare otherwise it is assumed that the opinion is shared by you.

Now here is an opinion and guess what…I am man enough to say I share this opinion.

Hey Hun,
I have one thing to say……Hip! Hip! Horay!!! I really enjoyed reading the article you wrote today. The Rob Black vs Jimmy D. And you know I have been on both sides. Shooting for Extreme and having a daughter. Both which I enjoy. When I was shooting I loved working for Rob at Extreme. I won’t deny that he has crossed lines in the business. Not with me, but we know he has. Anyway, my point of this e-mail…..Jimmy D is doing a wonderful thing. I now have a 2 1/2 year old. And I would NEVER even consider leaving any kind of pornography inherreach. Not now!! Not EVER!!!! She is a child, and let her be one. When she grows up it will be her decision. Hell, maybe the reason why the world is so fucked up now is because of how stupid parents today are. I think it is time to stop the chain and make this world a better place.

And for Gene Ross “shunning” JimmyD….I dated Gene Ross….I thought he was better than that….hell…I dated the guy. I guess that is why it didn’t work. The man has no morals. I am disappointed.

Hugs and Kisses,

P.S. Going trout fishing this weekend!!!

Hey Gene….I am not trying to be some indifferent third party, I agree you have no morals. JOIN that ASShat!

It’s Time To Tell It Like It Is Y’all:

I’m giving you fair warning here, I’m about to hold a mirror and some of you are going to see yourself in it, and you might not like what you see. So, if you are not ready for a dose of reality go read the fluff on AVN or something. You have been warned.

I don’t know where to start this because I dont really know where the begining is but I know where the end will be so try to bear with me.

A few weeks ago I was in L.A. and I had lunch with Paul Fishbein we talked mostly off the record but one thing that came up was Rob Black being allowed back into the fold. On the one hand it’s big of Paul to forgive Rob, Rob did things and said things to Paul that were pure evil and Paul is forgiving him. One of the things that Paul said was that Rob has matured. I bit my tongue on that one because I did not see this as a time to be confrontational.

Rob has, in fact, cleaned up his image, he now looks, for the most part, human. He checks his mouth a little bit more and for this AVN is holding him up as the poster boy for free speech. Now can someone PLEASE explain to me exactly how “Ass Milkshakes” demonstrates his maturity?

Gene Ross joins Jim Holliday in a rant against JimmyD, saying that he should be “shunned” for volunteering his services to do a Public Service Ad stressing that parents should be responsible and keep their porn out of the hands of the kids.

This is the same Gene Ross who has been on the payroll of porn companies like John T Bones in exchange for good reviews, The same Gene Ross who is being paid to promote Rob Black and Evolution on The same Gene Ross who called me a child molester. Yes this Gene Ross has credibility…sure thing, this is probably the biggest lump of shit still floating in the porn pool. Now he is telling people not to talk to Luke Ford because Luke has no integrity, as though this is some concept that this lowlife has some familiarity with…Please.

Now we have rumors of a porn agent who is negotiating with girls who are under the age of 18 to shoot porn on their birthday. He is then reportedly contacting companies to shoot these girls as soon as they turn 18. I wish he would contact me, because I would see to it that the feds were at his doorstep before sundown if I had to go on CNN to do it.

Meanwhile JimmyD does a PSA that preaches responsibility and more than a few pornographers want to shun him for it. Y’all know why that is? Because there aren’t very many people in porn who even have a passing familiarity with “responsibility”

Now here’s our “Industry Trade Association” The Free Speech Coalition, what are they doing? They have their collective heads in the sand. FSC Frontman Jeffery Douglass is making speeches about how obscenity should be defined by the Federal government so that we don’t run afoul. Great Jeffery….You do porners proud, carrying on the tradition of irresponsibility. You know what the Free Speech Coalitions claim to fame is? It’s still legal for us to shoot girls who pretend to be under the age of 18. Now there’s a legacy to be proud of.

So let me get this straight here, just to kind of sum up where our industry stands.

Rob Black commits violent crimes onto video and sells that as entertainment, I’m not talking pretend crimes, Im talking the real deal, assault and battery, sexual assault, and disgusting acts that I don’t even like to put into print, and we should support him, he is a mature representative of our industry.

JimmyD does a PSA that basically says hey! Be responsible for what your children are doing, put up your porn, your liquor and your cigaretttes where your kids cant get them. For this we should shun JimmyD.

Now look in the mirror…all of you, if you don’t like what is looking back at you it isn’t too late change, it isn’t too late to show the politicians and the government and the public that we can be responsible and that we aren’t all like Rob Black or Gene Ross, that some of us are responsible and we do have integrity and honor. The choice is yours and you will live with the consequences, thats what responsibility is all about.


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