JimmyD Is Still Funny

I want everyone to know I didn’t have a funnybonectomy. My funny bone is intact and remains where’s it’s always been.

According to Tim Case, I ceased being funny when I cut my hair. But my hair is again as long as it once was and I’m as funny as ever. (Not that I wasn’t funny with short hair… I was just a different kind of funny. A drier funny. Sorta like the heat in Las Vegas versus the heat L.A.) Also, none of my parts require reinsertion although some of them need occasional help: At my age, for instance, a bit of THC helps the old blood to flow South.

But then, most of the meatpuppets in this business need the same kind of help and then some, right? I’m aware that has nothing to do with me being funny but I mentioned it simply because I could then segue into letting everyone know that I’m even funnier when I’m stoned. (Which, I should add, I’m not… Leastwise,  at the moment I’m not. Stoned, that is.)

Just because I no longer choose to waste my time on the internet being amusing for the thankless masses and the unappreciative asses doesn’t mean I’m no longer funny. I’ve found better ways to waste my time on the internet!  Anyway, I remain, as always, a funny fucking guy.

Certainly way funnier than Harry Weiss! (I didn’t need to actually state that because, well, because everyone who knows me and knows Harry knows the truth when it comes to that lopsided comparison.)  Goddess, BTW, should not be complaining. Instead, she should be offering to either fill my bowl or roll me a doobie just prior to committing fellatio upon me for opening up a spot for her ascension to her current, award-winning, funny status.

JimmyD, Brother, anytime you are feeling funny….feel free to write!

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JimmyD Is Still Funny

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  1. I doth protest. If I didn’t have to bite my tongue in order to not piss off 98.2% of the industry, I would be way more funny than Mr. D and the Badge Bunny. Mike knows how funny I am when I don’t have “I better shut up so I can continue my job” filter on. If I didn’t, I would say some chicks look like Ned Beatty, and things like that.

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