Harry Weiss THE PR God, chimes in:

I consider Adella of DP a friend and respect the PR work she has done. However, the Devon attacks Serenity incident sounds an awful lot like the “Skeeter Kerkove goes berserk” incident I staged a few months ago. It has been said that
“imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Thank you Adella!

For future reference, I have no doubt that Serenity(de la Hoya) can take care of herself. I hear from several sources that Jewel DeNyle and Jacklyn Lick are acquainted with the martial arts. Although I did not witness the incident in question, I am told that these girls showed poise and grace when they could have kicked ass.

Harry “Just Another PR Hack” Weiss

Harry, when it comes to porn PR, the rest of the biz bows to you!

4920cookie-checkHarry Weiss THE PR God, chimes in:

Harry Weiss THE PR God, chimes in:

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