Time to rattle A-Dell-a’s cage!

I stopped by the local smut emporium yesterday and while browsing the shelves I came across a copy of Rush. If you remember this Digital Playground Movie genereted a bit of a tempest in the little teapot that is porn. I actually defended Digital Playground, congratulating them on at least trying to raise the bar and reserving comment until Adella sent me a screener she promised to send.

Well I never got the screener and I was tempted to rent the tape but passed, figuring hey if they had a wanted me to see it they’d a sent me a DVD like they promised.

Instead I asked the day manager John, a very knowledgeable porn person about it:

MS: How’d that movie do for ya?
John: It’s been rented a few times, we only got 2 copies (They stock 10 each of mine)

MS: Why just 2
John: Well it isnt really porn, we do really well the stuff like you shoot and Evil Angel and Private but the story driven stuff from Vivid and those guys mostly collects dust until we put it in sell through.

MS: Did you watch it?
John: Ya actually I did, it wasn’t anything special, the story was weak so was the sex but it isnt my cup of tea anyhow I prefer Jules Jordan’s stuff, If I want to see a story I will rent Lord of the Rings.

MS: Would you recommend it for couples?
John: Oh hell no, couples tend to like the more hardcore stuff, I always steer them towards the Private features and they like that. Rush is more like porn with training wheels.

Some background info here, John works for the Video Store in Atlanta that has consistantly won readers choice awards from local magazines and newspapers for having the best video store, the biggest selection and the most knowledgeable staff. This isn’t a hole in the wall, it’s a huge store that is clean, well lit inside and outside it looks like a high end mall store.

5500cookie-checkTime to rattle A-Dell-a’s cage!

Time to rattle A-Dell-a’s cage!

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