Run Hart Run:

I’m running for State Representative in Oregon’s House District 8.

Why would I do a BRAIN-DEAD thing like that? Was I teased in High School? Do I need to prove that I’m an IMPORTANT MONKEY and deserve only the unbruised bananas? Am I better than everyone else? Am I just another Me-Generation Yuppie booking a non-stop Ego Trip?


I found out that basically both of my opponents were either flagrantly breaking the law, or were flouting it so egregiously that I just couldn’t sit idly by.

I have been an “insider” in Oregon Democratic politics for 8 years now and I’m not keeping quiet any longer. We’re going to muckrack these dumkopfs; going to “out” these political inside traders, and have a LOT OF FUN running an unconventional (to say the least) campaign.

Best case scenario is that I win. Worst case scenario is an all-expense paid vacation at State expense, with three meals a day, a roof over my head, a secure room and a nifty industrial wardrobe.

Who knows, I might even make Trustee!

So: The blog is at

It’s called “Skiing Uphill” because that’s what it OUGHT to be called.

You’re invited to tune in. Or, you can vote me off the island. Your choice. But you are a member of a very select fraternity/sorority of invitees. I hope you’ll enjoy the free entertainment.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled political scandals.

Bests to you, genuinely, friends,

Hart Williams

A Clusterfuck at KSEX:

By the time you read this the Society One Show where Matt Zane caterwauled while hung from a meathook will be over. It’s only 8:30 PM in Cali as I write this and I hear its already nothing but “a clusterfuck”. Nah I didn’t listen in, I’m not really in tune with the arts I guess.

While all of this was going on at the Key Club Nic Andrews was courting his new lover…

A-Dell needed something to do today anyway.

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Run Hart Run:

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