Guys, I’m Gonna Help You OUT Here!:

If you read the porn gossip sites and whatnot you *might* be mislead as to what to give your wife/girlfriend/concubine for Valentines Day. One thing I can assure you, unless you know FOR CERTAIN that she wants porn for Valentines Day you don’t want to go there. If you do you will likely meet fistings first cousin, footing, as in when she embeds hers in YOUR ass for giving her some lame ass Vivid flick for Valentines Day. This is not to cast aspersions on Vivid, it’s to keep your ass outta the doghouse.

I been on this earth for over 46 years and I am infinately familiar with the doghouse, take it from one much wiser than you in these things, porn is NOT what she wants for Valentines day. There are rare exceptions and if you KNOW that yer chick wants an assortment of porn with lube and various sized dildos and buttplugs then go for it.

Lets use good old Adella for example, we know Adell lives and breathes Digital Playground but I bet if you were dating Adell and you presented her with a Valentines Day offering of say…”Rush” I’d wager dollars to doughnuts she would knock you upside the head with it.

Startin to get the picture? Maybe later I will toss out some last minute ideas for you procrastinators but damn I hate to give away some of my best secrets….

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Guys, I’m Gonna Help You OUT Here!:

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