Tera Patrick out at Digital Playground?:

Porn’s Unsolved Mysteries:

Tera Patrick out at Digital Playground?:

I have been trying to track this rumor all weekend and Adella isn’t responding. Here is the word I have gotten.

Evidently there are some misunderstandings between Tera and Digital playground I suspect the bottom line of these are whether or not she is still under any legal obligation to them.

Tera has become engaged to Evan Seinfeld from the band Biohazard, he also has a part in the HBO show “Oz”. Word I get is that Tera will no longer be doing porn, no girl/girl, no nothing. Whether this was Tera’s idea or Evans is unclear. Tera and Evan are claiming that some “unethical shit has gone down”.

Of that I am almost certain but who is being unethical is open to debate.

I am certain that at some point Adella will clue me (and you) in here. Till then this is all I know.

6250cookie-checkTera Patrick out at Digital Playground?:

Tera Patrick out at Digital Playground?:

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