Tera Show Dark?

I tuned in to watch the Tera Show last night. At first I didn’t notice anything unusual, the screen was solid black but only a little moreso than normal, I figured Tera was wearing Black from head to toe, combine that with her dark hair, the black sofa, the black backdrop and I was guessing OK its Video Team Night, Maybe her guests are Mr. Marcus and Lexington Steele. The audio wasn’t coming in but thats not unusual either, and it was only a smidge more boring than normal.

After about ten minutes it occured to me (OK I was doing other stuff too) that something was wrong…wrong indeed…The Tera Show was Dark, I mean its always dark but it was not on, evidently the saying The Show Must Go On doesn’t apply to the Tera Show. It seems that Tera’s ultra fine puss is in Germany or someplace for some awards show.

Tune in next time when the Tera Show presents “Video Team Night” with guest Anita Dark! Hey I know I know but its true! I don’t book the guests, this one just struck me as funny.

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Tera Show Dark?

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