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Deen Resigns From APAC

    APACs statement follows, an insider told me point blank that my post last night was the reason, had he not voluntarily stepped down

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APAC Lets The Truth Slip

Looking over the press release from APAC I noticed a few very interesting comments. Just the fact that APAC acknowledges certain realities in the industry

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The Seduction and Corruption of PASS
Cliff Hanger

The Seduction and Corruption of PASS

Seduction. Corruption. Destruction.  H.L. Mencken once wrote that “public health,” then known by the eugenically-tinged name, “hygiene,” represented “the corruption of medicine by morality.” “It

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Legal News
porn news

Legal Definition of Rape

In light of the recent addition of charges against Ron Jeremy people are talking about the legal definition of rape. This was updated by the

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