APAC Lets The Truth Slip

Looking over the press release from APAC I noticed a few very interesting comments. Just the fact that APAC acknowledges certain realities in the industry is a breath of fresh air. Now lets take a very close look at one of the realities that APAC acknowledges.

“The blending of gay and staight performers; transgenders and cisgenders performers’ queer, homo- and heterosexual sexualities; is an increasing reality in our business. THERE IS NO “GAY” AND “STRAIGHT” INDUSTRY, even if their are gay and straight audiences.

I absolutely agree with this statement. But I think this truthful statement poses a problem for the often repeated FSC claim of ‘no onset transmissions.” Certainly the FSC is fully aware, as is virtually every peformer, gay or straight, that the “gay” industry has ALOT of HIV infected performers. Does the FSC recognize, as the PERFORMERS do, that their is no seperation of the industries, and does that no onset transmission statement include the gay industry? Of course not. The sheer number of HIV positive gay performers is something you will never hear the FSC talk about, especially when talking about condoms, and on set transmissions.

But there is another industry that the APAC press release does not mention, and that is the escort industry. Everytime HIV happens, escorting, and unsafe sex “outside” the industry becomes a hot topic. But with the huge percentage of performers, male and female, gay and straight who escort it is time for the porn industry, and APAC to acknowledge that their is no seperation between porn and escorting either. How many members of APAC can be found on escort sites? And another well known reality is that escorting is often done with the assistance of the porn industry talent agents. Escorting has become as common as herpes. It is the same people, having multiple partner sex, sometimes with a camera and sometimes without. STD’s do not know if their is a camera in the room.

So have your cake and eat it too, but this statement from APAC is far more telling when you dig just a few inches below the surface. I congradulate APAC for being honest about the gay and straight indsutries, now lets see APAC take on the escorting issue. Better yet, lets see the FSC address these issues that the performers have recognized publicly.

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APAC Lets The Truth Slip

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  1. Why isn’t Michael Weinstein advocating the legalization of prostitution? If it was legal, it could be regulated.

  2. I got a better question jaime,
    Why doesnt the porn industry advocate for legalizing prostitution? FSC<LATATA<APAC. Who do you think is more opposed to regulating prostitutes, AHF or LATATA? Why doesnt Dianne Duke advocate for legalizing prostitution? LOL

    Legalizing prostitution would certainly remove the criminal element, which is exactly why LATATA would never do such a thing.

    If it was legal it could be regulated,,,,just like the porn industry, right? Certainly those prostitution regulations would include condoms, like in Nevada, so you can easily see why the porn industry has no interest in regulations to protect performers. ONLY IN PORN

  3. for the same reason drugs arent legalized there are too many people making too much money to ever let that happen. Ive been watching boardwalk empire, its a good show but the very clear message is why the volstead act passed and why it stayed law as long as it did. Drugs and prostitution are the same. theres way more money in it when its illegal

  4. I would like to see that petition the FSC presented in Sacremento withthe 600 performers signatures(lol) And lets see how many of them are listed on escort sites. Then tell me how escorting and porn are not linked arm in arm.

    Percentage of escorts everywhere who do porn,,,very small
    Percentage of porn stars who escort,,,very high.

    Escorting is as common as herpes.

  5. I agree that many of the girls escort, but if they do everything with condoms what is the big deal?

    Okay guaranteed they all don’t use condoms, but like others have said Porn and Prostitution go hand in hand. I find it funny that there are three types of girls in Porn. Girls who do prostitution and flaunt it openly, you have the Porn Girls that do prostitution but don’t want to talk about it because they are either ashamed or mentally block it out when they do it. Then you have that rare girl that doesn’t do prostitution.

    Honestly what is the difference between it being filmed and not being filmed? A camera and an upload.

    I personally doubt that millionaire business men who can afford the services of the pornstars are infecting them with diseases like HIV. This is straight up coming from crossover stars.

  6. MDXXX,
    You seem to be under the impression that porn escorts all command top dollar from their hook ups, While this may be true for the very small handful of top echelon porn stars, you can easily find the ‘run of the mill’ starlets offering their services for much, much less.

    And isnt if funny when the FSC puts out press releases asking performers to be extra vigilant in their private lives(escorting lives), but when you come to a porn set you are encouraged, paid, to take the highest risks possible.. And of course, when you take those risks on a porn set nobody ever gets an std, but they get all their stds while using condoms in their private(escort)lives.

    Do you see how fast virtually every industry argument just falls by the wayside when you look one inch below the surface?

  7. I can confirm what Jilted is saying about run of the mill porn chickies (and some guys too) not making big bucks escorting. I have seen recognizable names from porn advertising escort services for $300-$500 an hour plus expenses (most of them come to you, that cost could be anything from just cab fare to a plane ticket and hotel room depending on if she is near you (and possibly where she lives) at the time you want to fuck her). Not very many porn chickies are as fortunate as Rita Faltoyano was in her career (quite a few years back) advertising at $1800 an hour plus expenses.

    BTW Jilted, please see the post regarding the HIV scare being a false positive. I bring up a couple of issues in my comment there that you could possibly clarify with your experience in administering VD tests.

  8. I wrote this just about two months ago. I mentioned escorting, both MALE and female, and the prevelance of HIV in the gay industry. What happened just a very short time ago,,,,,yep,,,,a gay escort, crossover performer causes an HIV scare in the straight industry.

    Time to wake up APAC, and do something before its one of your members on the recieving end of a load full of HIV up your ass. But what do you care, this happened ‘out of state’ with people who werent following the protocol,,,,which is exactly another reason why your system is so severly broken. C’mon APAC, take a REAL stand, you have the power, now use it.

  9. Lol….recently hubby arranged for a masseuse to come to the house as a treat for me. Turns out guy is based in California and licensed in several states to supplement & legitimize his income. He was in Ohio for a dancing gig and mistakenly thought detailing his filmed performances and expertise would get him more than a $20 tip before I showed him to the door.

    He not only propositioned me but later tried to sell a bullshit story that he was straight but his agent sent him to a gay set once it was clear I was offended he’d assume I’d be interested in more than the massage hubby arranged. Keeping it lighthearted my initial response was to say his job was getting me relaxed and ready for hubby not replace hubby then he started detailing content I might have seen him in which led to me asking if he made a habit of seeking add on sex with untested partners…then policy queen relaxed a bit and had fun and he probably felt like a fly caught in a web getting his legs pulled off 😉 funny how this straight guy seemed very interested gaybors even asking if they hired entertainment for their parties.

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