APAC Wants VP Lasha Lane To Step Down – Here is the letter

We received this email regarding Lasha Lane’s Removal From APAC. We’ll include the letter in its entirety for you below and let you make up your own minds.

Dear Lasha Lane,

I hope this finds you well and I wish I could be writing to you under better circumstances. It has come to my attention that many members of APAC and outside companies and organizations have some grave concerns regarding your conduct as Vice President. After a lengthy and thorough investigation the board and members of APAC have concluded the following:

Soon after taking the Vice President’s office, you began writing to many different companies and organizations without conferring with the other board members. These emails CC’d many people but none of which were other APAC board members. This is concerning to many on the APAC board as we are a unit. Ideas and initiatives should go through all of us first before being acted upon. This led to a lot of confusion and made APAC look exceptionally unprofessional.

Many members have cited concern about your conduct on Twitter. While your Twitter is personal, your conduct is reflective of APAC because of your high position within the organization. It has led to members being scared to speak up about their opinions. We must be fair on this issue and follow past precedent where members have been reprimanded and even removed for similar conduct.

It was quite shocking for many inside APAC and other industry members, to hear that APAC proposed putting AFH in the PASS system with FSC. This was discovered in an email that you sent to FSC. It was not approved by our board and, because AFH has tried many times to push laws that would be detrimental to the industry and performers, this is a bad look for the organization.

We have also had members confused and upset when they asked about your performer history. You do site over 20 years in the industry but you did a few videos over 10 years ago and just recently came back. Years you were not active do not count as being in the industry because it has changed significantly. To have such a high position and influence, one does need to have a level of experience and understanding of what is going on currently as well as the past.

The final issue at hand is the article about BIPOC. We have had a flood of members concerned about the allegations made by the now infamous article. Given how many members have expressed serious concern, as the President, I have to consider the perspective of those who have entrusted me with this position. We as a board, want to distance ourselves from the organization until they have at least 501c3 status of their own accord.

Moving forward, it is believed that the best course of action is for you to step down as Vice President. APAC would like to see you do this gracefully and on your own terms, as to not hamper your future prospects or cause any further scandal. I surely understand if you do not accept this and would prefer a public vote based on the concerns outlined above. I would like to thank you for the service you have given thus far and wish you ever the best in your future endeavors.

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APAC Wants VP Lasha Lane To Step Down – Here is the letter

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4 Responses

  1. This whole APAC thing is laughable. Well almost laughable anyway. Gathering a group responsible for mental illness awareness on a roof top serving alcohol and whatever is not laughable. Why even mention them. The FSC should distance themselves and run from this fridge element. They are Irrelevant. Next

  2. Yeah, porn is a place where a lot of producers don’t background check their talent. Even if they do, the usual is just to ask around about someone and not do a full check. It would be too cumbersome to do a full background check on every performer. It seems like APAC would have done so, though — even if they did one on everyone once a year that would be less than ten background checks.

    Also, when they get rid of Lasha I hope they bring “Oompa Loompa Girl” Veruca James back to APAC and that she returns to performing (the nickname comes from the scene she did for Kink parodying Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). I miss her, she was an excellent performer and quite kinky. I think porn is due to have a tied or handcuffed helplessly Veruca getting railed by Steve Holmes and some new guy. Maybe Jacky St. James will direct a scene with Steve as Willie Wonka and the new guy as the Oompa Loompa for one of her contractors. Maybe the second scene will be Jacky as Willie Wonka’s girlfriend and Steve as Willie.

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