Stars of the Day: Anna Claire Clouds & Victor Ray

Let’s get a little personal: I have a few favorite things – Being in public, getting caught in public, and fun costumes. Caught Fapping is notorious for delivering on the first two, but this week’s new episode has, at long last, delivered the third.

The episode opens with a 1950’s diner. You won’t care. I didn’t care. No one has the capacity to care about the diner when Ms. Clouds is within eyesight.

There’s not ample space on this website to say enough about Clouds, and don’t take my word for it: Her sweet giggles and wide eyes will lock you in without a second of hesitation. Think Sydney Sweeney plus Florence Pugh plus Megan Fox, all wrapped up into one of those fabulous little diner-waitress minidresses. Naturally, our star has oh-so-accidentally let the back of her skirt ride up.
Like all of us at this point, Ray can’t resist a little “hand jive” action while her back is turned. The camera gives us a juicy glimpse of what’s to come, focusing in as Ray palms a sizable outline in his jeans. 
The Caught Fapping channel makes a quick cut from Ray’s initial splayed-out handjob, reminding us with a quick title sequence what we’re watching. It’s okay–the best parts are just ahead.
Inevitably, Clouds saunters out to indeed catch Ray fapping. But Ray knows what he’s doing. He knows exactly how big his dick is, and has the balls to match. His quick persuasion has the blonde waitress exactly where he wants her.
I thought I’d already died and gone to heaven just from seeing Clouds be such an utterly adorable sexpot, but she revived me and slayed me again when she bit her lip looking at Ray’s hardened cock. Her gorgeous, unbridled desire in that single perfect moment is exactly what earned her today’s Mike South Star status.
Ray, like a great dance partner, is impeccable with that cock–a shameless exhibitionist, he fucks without daring to steal the well-deserved spotlight from Clouds. He, like his audience, is aware that we are all basking in her gleaming, glistening glow. Rather than manipulate positions for any status-quo camera angles, he ensures we see every delectable drop of her without sacrificing a truly organic, orgasmic viewing experience.
On that note, this review cannot be published without a nod to the production crew. This episode could have looked fluorescent and cold, but the lighting was spot-on. I fully expected a contrived, kitschy diner scene, but the environment is just believable enough without trying too hard. And the camera work is admirable, even blessing us with an upside-down filmed facial cumshot, expertly framed. And it didn’t hurt to watch Clouds apply cum like lipstick for an extended shot.
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Stars of the Day: Anna Claire Clouds & Victor Ray

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