APAC Doesn’t Get It, Chanel Preston Should Have Stepped Down As Well

While APAC was swift to relieve James Deen of his duties they actually showed their true colors.  Chanel Preston has assumed the role of essentially, leader.

That would be fine except that Chanel should have stepped down as well.  Chanel is James Deen’s girlfriend and also his employee.  Just how comfortable would a performer really be going to her with a problem with James?

I have nothing against Chanel at all but this is certainly not an appropriate position for her.  This is why APAC isn’t more widely supported, they apply a band aid fix and suggest that everything is fine…who else always did that,,,The FSC.  Only a complete idiot doesn’t see that The FSC rules APAC.  It’s why Stoya left and why others refuse to support the organization.

129630cookie-checkAPAC Doesn’t Get It, Chanel Preston Should Have Stepped Down As Well

APAC Doesn’t Get It, Chanel Preston Should Have Stepped Down As Well

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  1. YAAASSSS. I have been waiting for you to write this post. She’s a gorgeous girl, if so many in the industry know exactly how he is, how is it that he keeps (like Joanna said in her radio interview) “those awesome girls”? I wanna know whats up with Chanel…

  2. Ivy, on paper Chanel looks like a much better fit romantically for James than Stoya or Joanna. Chanel is known to enjoy BDSM (both as a sub and a dom), Stoya and Joanna aren’t. Chanel also seems to be a much stronger personality than Stoya and Joanna, if James steps out of line with her that is likely the end of their relationship, both personal and professional.

    As for APAC, I can see where there is a conflict of interest in her running the organization now that it is known that they have more than just a professional relationship — as long as they are getting along well there is no way in hell that Chanel would go against James (I was actually unaware that James and Chanel were dating, I did know that Chanel was directing for James’ production company on occasion but not that she was a full-fledged employee). Granted, Chanel is not known to (or even accused of) having done anything wrong but like nepotism policies in large companies sometimes you get screwed out of your job because of your personal relationships.

    Now that there is a problem with Chanel’s position on the APAC board what do they do? Veruca James comes across as sort of a soft personality for leading APAC (she’s known to be a very nice person, cute as hell and a great performer but she comes across as a person that wants everyone to just get along), Ela comes across even softer than Veruca and Connor is a gay performer calling into question whether he has the knowledge necessary to lead an organization that exists mainly to assist straight/lesbian performers. I think the question now is can APAC bring in a strong leader from the performer populace or will the organization be less effective under new leadership (you can argue their effectiveness now but no one can dispute that James is a strong personality and without his personal baggage capable of leading an organization).

  3. @mharris Thanks for that, I still have my suspicions about Chanel, given that generally abusive relationships have a “Stockholm syndrome” (haha get it double pun). I do hope there is a better leader for APAC, clearly there is need for better management. I read an article yesterday, I forget the source and the name, but it was a producer who said it was his opinion that the problem largely lies in the fact that performers are “independent contractors”. Personally, and I won’t get into detail, but the guys I knew who liked to hire “independent contractors” (not even close to the same industry) because it protected them and not the worker. Then when something went wrong in the employee and employer relationship, the excuse was, “well its simply a disgruntled employee, dismissed”. Based on the article I read about the 2012 public disgrace kink shoot….kinda…seems like….exactly what’s going on.

  4. @mharris127: Just curious, will you still be crowbarring kink.com into every other post since it’s pretty clear they knew all about Deen’s on-set behavior and ignored it? Does Peter still have your support? Thank you, Matt.

  5. Peter still has my support although I think he has hired some incompetent boobs lately. I suspect (although I do not know) that most of what goes wrong in the company as of late does not reach him directly. Madeline producing content that is likely to get him an obscenity investigation and possible charges against him (the satanic scenes she posted in September and October) is a prime example. The Cameron Bay debacle is also a symptom of Peter not supervising (or being able to supervise) his middle management and directors as he should. There are blog posts by several people that did scenes/Kink Live sessions for Kink as well as a couple of articles in SF Weekly describing instances where intermediary employees attempted to tamp down the consequences for things going wrong, evidently without involving Peter unless and until there was no other choice.

    I suspect that although the production director and security staff knew about James shoving his clothed erection into Ashley Fires’ ass in the talent dormitory (which is the incident I think you are referring to although it did not happen on set) it was one of the several issues that middle management attempted to hide from Peter. When Peter could supervise everyone himself (before Cybernet grew into a large company with so many irons in the fire that he cannot keep tabs on them) this shit didn’t happen. He cleaned house by (evidently) not renewing Princess Donna’s contract in response to the Cameron Bay debacle, I suspect he also canned Marty for an incident from a couple of years ago on one of his sets as well (I don’t completely recall the specifics but if I understand correctly there was an injury on that set as well and it also involved Cameron Bay). He now needs to can the middle managers that (evidently) hid the incident mentioned above between James and Ashley from him as well.

    My guess is that there are several middle managers at Kink that need to be tossed out on their asses as well as Madeline, attempts by middle management to sweep misbehavior by talent and directors under the rug and Madeline’s newfound fascination with satanism (and incorporating it into scenes) places Peter at great risk of massive lawsuits and possibly federal charges of obscenity. I know Peter likes to be the good guy but he needs to act quickly or he could lose everything he has worked so hard to build. He needs to act now and not let six or seven incidents (at least two directly caused by Madeline’s directing and production) over the past five years to screw him without being kissed first and without lube. If he acts now, fires/replaces the middle managers responsible for not informing him of James’ misbehavior as soon as they found out about it and removes the satanic scenes Madeline produced from the pertinent websites at Kink he may be able to save the company and his lifestyle. If he ignores the systemic problems in his company he does so at his peril (and the loss of his ass virginity if he goes to federal prison). The ball is in Peter’s court now, we will see what he does with it.

  6. I don’t know if she would be willing to do the job but I think Asa Akira should step into this roll. Not sure how she would be in a leadership position, but she strikes me as someone that is educated (Catholic School Education), Strong and has the experience necessary to instill the proper protocol to the industry. Once again, never met Asa, before and to be honest, not the biggest fan of her work, but in terms of being in charge of the APAC, I think she is the best candidate out there. And they should be willing to pay her whatever it takes to make it happen.

    Just this guys 2 cents.

  7. James Deen is part of the powerful group of Jews. We will rape and beat our women senseless. We are the chosen ones.

  8. APAC was born for personal gain. It’s dead. There is no way that someone can take over and relaunch it or at least i see it very very hard. Maybe if it gets cleansed completely, assets refurbished, scope rewritten and advertised properly…very much maybe. It’s a circle of friends who meet from time to time for a tea and a pastry and an obvious, stale press release whenever some shit happens or whenever its founders need a call from mainstream. Despite what they say on XBIZ.net, it’s a self elected board with lots of conflicts on interests, no ideas and no courage to really protect performers interests. If i haven’t lost track, they released a pr on Deen’s name about him stepping down. Not a word about the alleged victims, not a position, not a statement where they encourage other girls to come forward if they had any similar problem as Stoya. Enough said.

  9. @mharris ^^^^^^^^^^ THAT was amazing! Your personal interest painted a picture that shouting business practices and other stuff in the lawsuits from rooftops would never accomplish.

    I still think yer kinda pissed at Madeline yet now I’m wondering if you’re onto something with the obscenity concerns that wouldn’t catch my eye till it had a case number. Till there’s a case with CR (criminal) in the number I still say holding on to his a$$et$ is a bigger concern to Acworth than bubba grabbing his ass.

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  12. @mharris127 Wow thanks so much for taking the time to write that all up. It’s a good counter narrative to the articles that I’ve read of late, and Peter seemed like a decent guy with a degree doing kink for fun. I didn’t know about it until this week, and the armory is such a big place that how can you monitor all the activity to keep it safe and from people stepping over boundaries?

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