Adult Performer Advocacy Committee @apacsocial Faces More Trouble

The APAC – also known as the performer branch of the Free Speech Coalition didn’t get off to a good start.

Adult Performer Advocacy Committee

While the idea behind the APAC is excellent, performers working to help performers, they have had their fair share of controversy in their short history.

It turns out today isn’t any different. APAC is having issues yet again when they nominated Lydia Dupra to their board of directors. She is the owner of an illegal escorting service known as Adult Industry Dating where and I quote for “male members looking for quick and easy flings to suit you.”

Yes, you read that right, this person runs a website pretending to be a dating site where fanboys can hook up and bang their favorite porn star. They don’t even try and hide what they do. They just flat out advertise that they help male members looking for a quick and easy fling”.

While a great marketing move for Lydia Dupre and her fledgling company, it was a stupid move for APAC.

With all this SESTA/FOSTA stuff going on, it’s pretty shocking that the porn industry would bring in that trouble to their mix and so closely associate it with the governing body of the adult industry – or so they will have you believe.

On July 4th they listed her bio, so it’s not like they didn’t know who she was or what she did.

Lydia Dupra – Nominated for Director of Outreach

Lydia Dupra is a retired adult film performer, entrepreneur and mentor. She has mobilized the adult industry with diverse educational and entertainment platforms. Her book series and educational videos have made her an accessible resource to all. The Heaux app is a space for sex workers to give and receive support with an anti-cyberbullying policy. Additional resources are, which connects adult entertainers to the public. Her newest solution is a video platform called The Heaux Network. THN aims to remove exploitation from the media and give sex workers control over their own voices with options to monetize.

It’s also apparent what she does as it’s her twitter name. they knew that too. They’ve had this tweet pinned since July 23rd.

Listen I’m not trying to say escorting is terrible. But what I am trying to point out is that when you have a group of people claiming to represent porn performers in all matters, do you want to associate them with illegal activity openly?

But the icing on the cake, she ever used one of her facilities to host a member meeting.

We reached out to the president of the FSC and were unable to reach him for a comment on this story.

We then reached out to industry attorney Karen Tynan who has long provided legal services for the FSC as well as the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. She also could not be reached for comment.

20 hours ago APAC tweeted the following statement.

Due to member concern, APAC’s Director of Outreach is stepping down. We regret any hardship this process has caused for performer members. In the coming week, we will provide further updates, and information on the election of a new Director.



279030cookie-checkAdult Performer Advocacy Committee @apacsocial Faces More Trouble

Adult Performer Advocacy Committee @apacsocial Faces More Trouble

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