APAC Fascists Propose Loyalty Oath: Thou Shall Not Criticize Black Lives Matter

The latest authoritarian application of identitarianism.

In a letter signed by a pro-dog fucking Z-lister (Andi Rye/Zoe Sparx) and a woman who falsely accused a black man of sexual assault (Nikki Hearts), porn biz non-entity APAC proposed a loyalty oath in which industry members agree, among other dictates, to “not participate in the creation of erotic media which … denigrates … Black Lives Matter.”

A fucking loyalty oath in which the signer agrees to not use their constitutionally protected speech to “denigrate” a political cause that APAC prefers. This is obscene.

Here again we see intersectionality for the religions cult that it is. All must proclaim their ideological purity, and any criticism of scared doctrines constitutes blasphemy. They are saying that Black Lives Matter is, now and forever, above criticism, like the New Testament or the Quran.

All authoritarianism is rooted in the religious impulse, and this is authoritarianism. Full stop.

The letter also includes several other bizarre, strained, unworkable and censorious provisions (highlighted below) and concludes with “We stand behind Black Lives Matter protestors as they face further police violence while struggling to make their voices heard.”

No mention of rioters and looters — I guess they don’t exist in APAC’s world. Oh, that’s right, you are not allowed to criticize BLM.

Here’s APAC’s idiotic letter, in full:

As adult film production is paused for public health, we are witnessing a large uprising against racism and deadly police brutality. We grieve along with the rest of the country for those lives lost. We have seen, time and time again, that the policing and prison systems are instruments of violence, which overwhelmingly target Black Americans.

This is unconscionable. Countless people’s lives have been stamped out by this institutionalized white supremacy. The lives of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Phillando Castille, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and so many more have been taken by police, with no legal repercussions for the officers. Prisons are overwhelmingly full of Black and brown people. Many are denied their civil rights, forced into plea deals, or wrongly incarcerated. The criminal justice system provides no justice for black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC).These people’s lives have been stolen by the state, under the guise of law and order.

Silence makes us complicit. It is time to say, as an industry, that black lives matter.

This means facing the role our films have in reinforcing racist tropes and racialized fantasies. Those stereotypes feed the same dehumanizing system of racism that allows people’s lives to be stolen by police brutality and prison. Sometimes performers even appear in a racially charged work without their knowledge or consent. Because films are often shot untitled or with a working title that gets altered later, performers end up with their face and brand associated with a racist title. The very genre of “interracial” or “IR” only refers, in the porn world, to a black man with a nonblack woman, and is intensely fetishized as taboo. This must stop.

In addition, the adult film industry has a massive problem with disparity in rates. Young black women entering the industry are told that they will have to settle for lower rates than white women with the same level of experience and stardom. Another insidious practice is that of offering nonblack women higher pay to work with a black man. Many have claimed that this rate disparity is due to the physical challenge of penis size, but this is clearly not the case. The adult industry includes black men with moderately sized penises and white men with huge ones, and the models do not charge rates accordingly. The “IR rate” is a discriminatory practice, and we will not take part in it.

[A note: Black females get less money in full service sex work too — because there is less demand among paying customers. That’s reality.

This is analogous to the condoms in porn issue: far fewer customers want to see porn with condoms, and one cannot force people to produce something that the market doesn’t want. Minorities are minorities — by definition there are fewer of them and they wield less economic power. — ed.]

We acknowledge the diverse experiences of adult film performers striving to survive, and do not write this letter to condemn other performers for taking any specific kind of work or roles. We understand the intersecting margins at which sex workers exist, and wish to honor the struggles of all those in our community. However, the time has come to focus on the needs of black and brown Americans, whose lives have too long been threatened by the systems of racism in which we live.

By signing this letter, we commit to fighting racism inside and out of our own industry, in the following ways:

We will uplift and amplify BIPOC voices.

In matters involving race, we will center the voices of the minority group in question, and defer to their lived experience.

We will educate ourselves and one another on the history of racism in this country and the ways in which both media representation and the criminal justice system impact it.

We will not accept or offer extra pay for nonblack models to perform alongside black men. If a model has a “large penis rate” it will apply to nonblack men as well.

We will offer the same rates to black female performers as their white colleagues.

We will not participate in the creation of erotic media which depicts degrading stereotypes or denigrates Black people or Black Lives Matter.

We commit to informed consent of performers concerning the ways in which their race will be reflected in release titles and marketing.

We will use the term ‘interracial’ to describe scenes between all people of different racial identities and not just black men with nonblack women, and will give minorities the power to decide whether they would like that term used for their work at all.

When we have opportunities to recommend someone to fill a position, we will be sure to include BIPOC. Better yet, we can choose to only recommend BIPOC.

We will elevate BIPOC to positions of hiring and directorial power, and create opportunities for them to tell their own erotic stories in their own voice.

We stand behind Black Lives Matter protestors as they face further police violence while struggling to make their voices heard.

And we will say, without hesitation…

Black lives matter.


The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee

Riley Reyes, performer, @RileyReyXXX

Michael Vegas

Riley Nixon

Tim Woodman, performer @provillain

Katy Jayne

Lydia Black, performer, @LydiaBlackxo

Bianca Burke

Chanel Preston, performer, @chanelpreston

Porn Jesus

Audrey Ashes, performer @AshesAudrey

Sara Star

Kro 13, content creator, @kro13xxx

Holly Lace, @hollylacexxx

Donna Soutar, performer, IG:RubyReynoldsofficial

Venus Lux, @venuslux

Sandra McCarthy, agent

Kaylani Rain. WebCam Model. @kaylanirain

Rocky Emerson, Performer

Caroline Pierce, performer, @Caroline_Pierce

Scott Kingston, performer, @Xscottkingstonx

Erika Icon, The Rub PR, @therubpr

Molly Lane , @mollylanepdx

Nym Fleurette, Performer, @nymphinaround

Zoe Sparx, performer, @ZoeSparx

Wolf Hudson

Constance Le, crew, @muakonnie

Nikki Hearts, Director / Performer, @nikkiheartsx

Alyssa Reece, performer, @AlyssaReeceXo

Madeline Marlowe, Producer/Performer, @MaitresseM

Mr Black, @Mr_Black_XXX

Norah Nova, performer, @Norah_Nova

Mistress Lucy @MistressLucyXX

Babe West @Bunny4Senpai

Andre Shakti, Sex Worker/Educator/Advocate, @andreshakti

Anna Lee, CEO of 2049 Entertainment Inc. @AnnaLeeVRX

The Go-To Guy, Inc., @just_the_p_a

Charlotte Sartre, performer @GothCharlotte

Ella Nova, Performer IG:@superellanova T:@EllaNovaXXX

Maddy O’Reilly, Performer, @maddyoreillyxxx

Does this activism represent the views of the rank and file? Are proper being bullied into co-signing a radical agenda?

Look outside the adult industry and social media bubbles for answers.

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APAC Fascists Propose Loyalty Oath: Thou Shall Not Criticize Black Lives Matter

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7 Responses

  1. Nicely exaggerate d article by another insecure white dude. Get informed on the things you criticize & after that ……….get over yourself . This wasn’t an industry mandate. You can do as you like. So, the “authoritarian boogey man nonsense” doesn’t apply. They’re trying to create solidarity for a cause (a good one). Don’t pledge your support and you’ll be fine ……………

  2. Dear moron,

    You write, “This wasn’t an industry mandate. You can do as you like.”

    The signatories are asking everyone to sign onto it. They are arguing that it should be the way things are done. And more importantly, as you can see on Twitter right now, these fascists are out there shaming, threatening, attacking, bullying, and reporting the accounts of people who don’t agree with them.

    It’s inexcusable to write this off as some mere suggestion. They are proposing an industry-wide pledge at the very time many of the signatories are online calling for the canceling of anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    But of course, you already know that.

  3. The mandate calls for not denigrating. If you worked for Amazon or somebody Fortune 500, I could see someone asking for the same thing. The optics wouldnt be good. I’m not telling you that you have to march with them just not besmirch their name. That’s easy enough.

  4. That said, I’m glad someone was seeking to organizer effort in the porn industry, since President Bone Spurs being so dangerously bad about cultivating disingenuous motives and inciting racism.

  5. The mandate — your word, mandate — calls for refraining from taking a certain political position (one that “denigrates” another political position). Full stop. That is authoritarian censorship of individual expression. It’s the adult industry version of a sedition law.

    It is no different than McCarthyites forcing people to take an anti-communism pledge in the 1950s. It was wrong then, it’s wrong now, and it will always be wrong regardless of political orientation.

  6. So it’s only okay to denigrate white men and women to fetish-ize black male performers, then. Yeah, seems fair and not racist at all.

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