The Seduction and Corruption of PASS

Seduction. Corruption. Destruction. 

H.L. Mencken once wrote that “public health,” then known by the eugenically-tinged name, “hygiene,” represented “the corruption of medicine by morality.”

“It is impossible to find a hygienist who does not debase his theory of the healthful with a theory of the virtuous,” he observed.

In our time as well, a philosophical pathogen has infected our institutions, including science and medicine.

Alas, Critical Theory is not merely ideas, dear reader. All Critical Theories require praxis (putting them into practice) by definition.

The end goal of Critical Theory is not to improve existing institutions, but to undermine them to the point that they become so obviously ridiculous, wrong-headed, irrational and destructive that all faith is lost in them, and they crumble.

Women are now called “people with vulvas.” You can find non-binary tampons and pregnant man emojis.

The Seduction and Corruption of PASS

The “virtue” part comes in with the notion of Social Justice — a term that should terrify anyone with a knowledge of history.

Traditional justice — Liberal Justice — addresses the individual. Social Justice is group justice.

The Nazis were a Social Justice movement, one which diagnosed Germany’s social ills in the 1920s and 1930s, and prescribed a solution based on addressing the groups it determined were at fault: Jews, the mentally and physically infirm, homosexuals, Blacks, Gypsies, etc…

And it began as an aggressive youth movement, backed by industry .  Sound familiar?

From H.G. Wells’ “The Outline of History”


In the adult industry, the end result of bending a knee to the woke playbook has been the wrecking of our crucial testing system, i the form of the institution of PASS.


PASS was founded, as APHSS, in the wake of the destruction of the AIM (Adult Industry Medical) Healthcare clinic by Michael Weinstein of AHF and his collaborators in California government, including and especially Cal/OSHA. Weinstein’s goal was to impose “compelled speech” upon the adult sector of the entertainment industry: turning adult movies into condom ads because sex scenes without condoms didn’t “send the right message” to viewers.

Ever the fascist dictator, Weinstein took on the mantle of being the decider of what was appropriate for plebeians such as you or I to watch. Having determined that, without a testing system in place the adult industry would be forced to use condoms, he set out to destroy its testing system, then operated by AIM.

It was very simple, and also evil beyond description.  It amounted to a plan of human experimentation.


After AIM was destroyed, no one rose up to create a system except the Free Speech Coalition. FSC made some unpopular and impolitic decisions in those days, to be sure — especially regarding rates of testing and who should pay — but PASS emerged with two specific purposes:

First, to be a test verification system, and second, to host the data in a way that allowed for contact research in the event of an HIV outbreak and the calling of moratoria during that research period. That was it, and that was all that was needed.


The seduction of PASS began during the tenurof Eric Paul Leue as Executive Director of FSC.  Leue, a smug HIV activist, was a man with a Social Justice agenda. He brought in people who vainly and laughingly refer to themselves as exponents of the adult “community.”

These were leftist activists, yes, but they not only lacked legitimate nonprofit credentials, they were themselves corrupt: people like Siouxsie Q, who had been given the heave-ho at APAC after bringing in an actual madam with whom she was associated (ahemmm) — excuse me, “Heaux mentor” — to work in outreach.


“Woke” is the colloquial term for “critical consciousness,” which Helen Pluckrose has explained to mean the belief that one can see and reveal invisible systems of oppressive power running through literally everything.

Once FSC was infected with the woke, social justice pathogen, it stopped making decisions based on the simple criteria of whether or not they would be good for the adult business and it members.

When PASS was spun off as its own independent nonprofit, the woke pathogen came along with it.


Ian O’Brien, the PASS Executive Director, is the perfect example of a hapless woke apparatchik. TTS fled PASS, CET fled PASS. And he is clueless as to how to fix this dire situation. Its gravity is simply not of primary concern to those enlightened few who have a critical consciousness.

As a result, PASS now lacks the data resources to do ANYTHING effectively; as we saw earlier this month, PASS can’t even call a production hold in a timely manner.

PASS has become as useless as tits on a boar hog, and adult performers are much less safe because of idiots like Ian O’Brien.

I wish I could tell you that there is hope in sight. I wish.

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The Seduction and Corruption of PASS

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  1. Here is an after thought. If anyone thought PASS did anything here is a time where they would. Sadly its toads and crickets. There is a reason Both CET and TTS agrees on something

  2. Know three performers with anti biotic resistant Std One has a damaged kidney she is undergoing a procedure to remove a kidney. I suspect there will be a press release about this. Half the industry is unable to work rn

  3. It’s the 1970s again.

    Go rogue and stop dealing with the “institutions” and the people that use them.
    There’s lots of people out there that are willing to work and they’re smart enough to use different resources for their work related requirements.

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